Putin Feared our State Department more than Our Military


When Trump nominated Exxon-Mobile CEO, Rex Tillerson, as his Secretary of State, the media virtually ignored the facts. He is totally unqualified, and his extremely close relationship with Vladimir Putin is alarming. As additional information regarding Trump and Putin’s close relationship, and how Putin interfered with our election emerges, we now have an understanding as to why Tillerson is pretending to be the head of the State Department.

Trump never met Tillerson until he was nominated. There is no recorded connection anywhere, at any time. The entirety of their relationship is based on their mutual admiration and connection with Putin.

So what has Tillerson accomplished since his confirmation? He met with a Russian statesmen; he fired the most qualified members of his department; and the budget for the State Department has been cut by 33 percent. What he has not done is to address the growing crisis with North Korea, or answer questions from his press briefings.

Most Americans are unaware of the power and importance of the State Department. It is the most important agency and most important position in the illegitimate president’s circle of sinners. Post WWII the State Department has become the most prominent force in America. It is instrumental in setting policy around the world between the United States and all other nations, and also nation to nation diplomacy.

It is well documented that Vladimir Putin had a personal vendetta against Hillary Clinton and the State Department. After near riots occurred in Russia after Putin’s very controversial election in 2011, Hillary questioned the validity of his election. She became his strongest opponent outside of Russia.

Now Putin has an asset who just happens to be the Secretary of State. Tillerson has close personal and business ties with the Russian president. His appointment is an obvious ‘payback’ for Putin’s assistance in the 2016 election.

In just two months the State Department has been drastically weakened. First there is Tillerson, who is totally unqualified. Then he fired his most experienced and talented staff. Now he has drastically reduced the budget. All of these measures can be witnessed in the evil smile of Vladimir Putin.

A final question; why hasn’t the media been more vocal about Trump’s horrific choices of advisers and cabinet members? Not one of them is fit to hold their position. Already Tillerson, DeVos, Sessions, Bannon, and Priebus have proven to be disastrous for the United States of America.

Let’s all promise one thing to each other. Make this the “Year of the Woman.” Let’s follow their example and remain united against this corrupt and immoral administration.

And don’t forget to join “Fire the Fool” on April 1st.


By James Turnage


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