Are You Tired of Sean Hannity’s Stupidity?


When I am reminded that FOX Noise still exists, certain opinions are resurrected. The personalities who have their own time slots are arrogant, ignorant, and have one ability; to look directly into the camera and lie. Of all the extreme right wing nuts who have appeared on the Republican propaganda machine, the most absurd is Sean Hannity.

Hannity takes lying and stupidity to another level. FOX proved to the world that it had never been and never will be a legitimate news service when it allowed an on-air personality to ‘gush’ over Donald Trump during his campaign. Hannity defended Trump’s sexism, racism and Islamophobia. Now that Trump is America’s illegitimate president, Hannity continues to cover-up Trump’s baseless and outrageous claims; aiding him in attempts to distract the American people from his ‘intimate’ relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Obama Must Answer ‘Very Serious Questions’ About Wiretaps, Leaks.” This was Hannity’s headline yesterday.

If Hannity knew anything about our government, and most importantly security, he would be aware that a president cannot order a wiretap. Only the FISA court can approve such actions, and there must be substantial proof of crime or danger to national security.

The discussion about ‘leaks’ is frivolous. Trump and his campaign staff committed numerous crimes during the 2016 campaign and these ‘leaks’ are simply the exposure of facts. The more you lie, the more you conspire to commit illegal and immoral actions, the more likely you will be exposed.

America is suffering through the most corrupt presidency in 240 years, and it’s just beginning. There are no ‘leaks;’ there is a vast amount of information coming from former Trump aids.

Here’s what we know, and what Hannity will deny.

The “Golden Showers Dossier” is factual. Putin’s hatred of Hillary Clinton inspired him to interfere in our election. Trump had a section of the RNC platform removed during the convention. It called for the defense of Ukraine against Russia’s imminent invasion. Rex Tillerson’s appointment as Secretary of State is part of a ‘payback’ for Putin’s assistance in 2016. These and many other facts are surfacing daily.

The Republican Party is non-existent; today’s group in Washington is using the name but has no resemblance to the GOP. Thanks to pundits such as Hannity, the party exists through lies and secrecy. The many evils committed by Republican politicians are quickly ‘covered-up.’

Contrary to belief from the right wing, facts do matter, and lies are eventually exposed.


By James Turnage


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