Trump Uses Spicer to Redirect the Attention from his Close Connection to Putin


Trump is scared; nothing frightens him more than the truth. He continues to use his one tactic of making outrageous attacks against another person in an attempt to redirect attention from his evils; and there are many. Trump’s only ability as a politician is to use ‘alternative facts’ to win battles. But he’s failing.

He may be the illegitimate president, but he remains the most heavily scrutinized person in the world. With Trump, the more we learn, the more we know that he is completely unfit to lead our nation.

There is no longer a doubt that he is mentally challenged. He is paranoid, an egomaniac, and has fits of uncontrollable rage when things don’t go his way. Trump lied when he claimed to have divested himself of all of his business interests in foreign lands. He remains in control, and is violating ethics regulations. He is spending more than three million taxpayer dollars each weekend when he goes to Mar-a-Lago. Trump refuses to reveal his tax returns which are guaranteed to inform the American people of other illegal ventures. His “charity” remains under investigation. He used the money donated by others for personal use. He admitted to bribing public officials to advance his business interests. The final blow will be the exposure of his long term relationship with Putin, and their joint effort to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Trump is desperate. He has ordered his press secretary, Sean Spicer, to offer outrageous claims in an attempt to create a diversion.

Trump’s most recent and ridiculous claim is that President Obama ordered a ‘wire-tap’ of the phones in Trump tower. Without any proof, and a lack of understanding that a sitting president does not have that authority, he forced Spicer to lie to the press.

“That’s what we’re asking, is for them to look at this,” Spicer said.
“What he wants [Congressional Oversight Committees] to do is to look into wiretapping, other surveillance and…the other leaks that are threatening our national security. You’re seeing this happen over and over again, they’ve come out throughout the administration, throughout government, and they undermine national security.”
“I think the appropriate thing is to ask the House and the Senate to look into it,” he said.

Here is what Spicer is actually saying. “If Trump makes a claim without proof, and without any confirmation by a single source, it must be investigated.” Really?

I am a compassionate man, and I would love to pity Trump; but I cannot. He has harmed many people in his life, and now he wants to harm my country. He must be removed by any possible means.

Double-Dealing Donnie” must get out of the people’s White House. He’s done enough harm to the nation I love.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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