Trump is too Busy Tweeting to Solve the North Korea Problem


As we all know, Donald Trump is obsessed with tweeting. This is who he really is; playing in the early morning hours while venting his anger to soothe his fragile ego. I have a serious question; what are his plans to deal with the growing problem in North Korea? I’m fairly certain he doesn’t have any, he’s too busy thinking about his plans to party at Mar-a-Lago on the weekend, at the cost of more than three million dollars to taxpayers.

Why hasn’t Trump held meetings with the leadership in South Korea? Why hasn’t your illegitimate president been in constant contact with the President of China? Is he too busy writing love sonnets to Vladimir Putin?

China has offered a plan which could begin future diplomatic negotiations between the two nations.

China’s suggestion is, as a first step, for North Korea to suspend nuclear activity, and for the U.S. and South Korea to also suspend large-scale military drills,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. This, he said, could get all sides back to the negotiating table.

Will Trump’s sad little ego allow him to consider this suggestion? He hasn’t a clue about how to be diplomatic in these situations. Those who engaged in business negotiations with “Double-Dealing Donald” claimed that he was a bully and a poor communicator.

China is North Korea’s only ally. Without China, North Korea’s economy would fail abruptly. Without China, North Korea would not have petroleum products for fuel, etc.

Most of North Korea’s population lives in poverty. Pyongyang remains the most totalitarian government in the world. Several prison camps exist in the most frigid and desolate areas of the small nation, and contain thousands of political prisoners; often entire families.

My fear is that Trump has frequently belittled the importance of China in the region and in the world.

A final note; where is Rex Tillerson? Why isn’t he on a plane to China as I write this to seek a permanent solution to the problem. Hillary Clinton would have gone to Beijing last week. But she was qualified to be the Secretary of State.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Democracy Chronicles

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