Trump’s Sexist Attitude is the Reason Women Will Lead the Revolution


The fact that Donald Trump objectifies women and is allegedly a sexual predator is not the only reason why women will lead the revolution which will take Trump down. Throughout history, men have been accused of not only a singular ability to think in a linear fashion, they have also been accused of a limited ability to consider facts “outside of the box.” Once they form a belief, their thought process ignores alternatives. This is true. We only need to examine the damage done to America in 240 years of a male-dominated government to know the truth.

Throughout America’s history women have been discounted for their numerous contributions to our nation. Men have refused to ‘share the spotlight’ with the fairer and more intelligent sex. But things are changing.

The illegitimate election of Donald Trump; a man without morals, who supports sexism and has allegedly committed sexual assault, was the spark which ignited the bonfire. A revolution is beginning. All Americans must join the women who participated in the “Women’s March on Washington” and reverse the travesty which is Donald Trump. Ignore the media and hypocritical Republican politicians. Trump cannot be allowed to destroy our nation. We are 320 million strong, and can take our government down and restore America to the dreams of our founding fathers.

The “Trump Effect” is spreading. Hate crimes are on the rise. Lies and “alternative facts” are replacing the news, and those in power expect the American people to accept our dark future.

The latest example of the “Trump Effect” happened this weekend at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Charles Murray is the co-author of a book published in 1994; The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.” The book suggests that environmental and genetic differences are responsible for the inferiority of minorities; primarily African Americans. According to his philosophy, blacks lack the superior intellect of whites.

Murray was invited to lecture at the college, and during his profane assumptions, he was shouted down by the students.

On Monday, Murray voiced his displeasure regarding the reaction of the crowd.

If that’s the new normal then why would any college in its right mind allow a controversial speaker to arrive?” he said on Monday. “Because no college wants to go through what Middlebury’s gone through.”

Laurie Patton is the President of the college.

Once that work is completed, the college will follow a process of determining a course of action for each individual understood to be involved in some way in the events of last Thursday,” she wrote.

She said people have the right to make their voices heard in support of and in opposition to other people and ideas.

Our concern,” she said, “is acts of disruption and violence, where available means of peaceful protest were declined.”

Until all of the evidence is presented, it appears that members of Murray’s entourage physically attack some of the protesters.

If this appears to contain a similarity to Trump’s rallies, you would not be mistaken. Anyone who disagreed with Trump was denounced, and forcibly removed from the rally.

Trump supporters cheered his efforts to create hatred and violence. This is America under the rule of a ‘dirty old man.’

We need women to take control of our nation if it is to survive. Washington has been dominated by high levels of testosterone for far too long. War is never the answer; anger and hatred are never acceptable; old, white men do not offer solutions.

We cannot allow a 70-year-old man who lacks any sense of morality, and hates the America of Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Adams, and the remainder of our founding fathers to continue his path of destruction. If America fails to survive, the free world will fall. Fascism and totalitarian governments of all varieties will destroy freedom, equality, and democracy.

Trump has failed America in just two-and-one-half months; it will only get worse.

Join with America’s women and demand more; we all deserve the promises of the Constitution.


By James Turnage


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