Republicans Hate Hillary Because they Hate All Women


One of the most difficult jobs in America is to be a female politician. In Washington, there are 435 members in the House, and 100 in the Senate. Of those 535 men and women, I find only a handful who I admire and trust. By the way, only one Republican has earned my respect; Senator Susan Collins of Maine.

Only two men in the Democratic Party are worthy of mentioning; Bernie Sanders and Corey Booker. The other two I appreciate are Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Of the 535 congressmen and senators, there are 83 women in the House, and 21 in the Senate. Of those numbers, only 21 women in the House are Republican, and only 4 Republican women serve in the Senate.

Changes in demographics on the left side of the aisle are encouraging, but the Republican Party remains a “white boy’s club.”

During his campaign, Trump said that ‘Hillary didn’t look presidential.’ Taken in context, with other remarks, what he was referring to is that because she doesn’t have a penis, she was unqualified to be the president.

I detest everything about Donald Trump. He is the antithesis of everything ‘American.’ His lack of morals and principles are extremely upsetting. He has already proven to be the worst illegitimate president in America’s history. When my wife and I awoke on November 9th, we were in shock. How could an American president be a man who is a criminal, a bully, a sexual predator, and lack any qualifications to lead the United States of America. After 47 days in office we know now that he suffers from paranoia, and that his temperament is weaker than previously believed.

With all of the above being fact, I had another reason to be extremely disappointed. I truly believe that it is far past the time when our nation’s leader is a woman. For 240 years men have led us into wars, and profit has superseded the needs of the people. Hillary was the most qualified candidate in American history. She would have been a great president.

Let’s be truthful here; the bulls**t about her use of a personal e-mail was inconsequential. The real reason Republicans feared a Hillary Clinton presidency, is because she is a woman. Never forget that in 2009, immediately after President Obama was inaugurated, racist Mitch McConnell promised to do nothing. This was based primarily on the fact that our President was of African American descent.

The Republican Party is the party of old, rich, white men, and no one else.

The media worked in concert with the Republican Party to make Hillary appear “unlikable.” The fact that she won the popular vote by nearly three million ballots disproves that claim.

The final truth; it is Hillary who should be living once again in the White House. Her administration would be qualified for their positions, and far more diverse, representing all of the American people.

Fire the Fool;” April 1st is coming soon.


By James Turnage


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