Trump is no Ronald Reagan: He’s not Even a True Republican

President Reagan speaking at a rally for Senator Durenberger
President Reagan speaking at a rally for Senator Durenberger By Michael Evans, February 8, 1982 Courtesy of Ronald Reagan Library, National Archives and Records Administration

Republican politicians are allowing Donald Trump to represent the GOP. In no manner is Trump a member of the once Grand Old Party.

Since his election in 1980, Ronald Reagan became the figurehead of Republicans everywhere. He is revered more for his appeal across party lines than for his policies. His economic policy of “trickle-down,” or “supply-side” economics was a disaster, which failed to accomplish its goals, and created trillions of dollars in deficits, and increased unemployment rates.

However, he supported Republican principles.

Trump is an autocrat; he fails to believe in American principles, denies amendments in the Bill or Rights with which he disagrees, and is attempting to institute a plutocracy; a nation controlled by rich, white men. This policy is unsustainable without a fascist government.

Reagan’s vision of America was optimistic, and he recognized the potential for greatness. He was a great speaker, and an outstanding diplomat.

With Trump as the leader of the GOP today, the party of Reagan is non-existent. By the use of key phrases, such as “make America great again,” or “America first,” Trump’s intentions are clear. His vision of America is dominated by white, Christian Americans.

Writing for the Daily Beast, Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, defined the differences between her father, and Trump.

She describes her feelings as a child when her father’s patriotism literally embarrassed her. As she aged, she began to understand Mr. Reagan’s devotion and loyalty to his country.

Today, she is frightened.

Since January 20th, I have shuddered every time I hear the phrase ‘America First.’ That was the rallying cry of Charles Lindbergh, an unrepentant anti-Semite, and the America First Committee when they wanted this country to ignore the holocaust going on in Germany. They wanted us to close our eyes, our hearts, and our borders. Let us please not forget the origins of that phrase.”

Ms. Davis opposed Trump’s nomination, and his eventual election by the Electoral College. She shares her father’s vision of America and shuns Trump’s dark and dismal appraisal of our nation today. She believes in positive solutions, not the destruction of the accomplishments of our former presidents.

Our future is in the hands of a man who lacks the intelligence, morality, and experience to move our nation forward. He will destroy the America of our founding fathers, and transform America into a third world country.

Take your country back; never give up. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents must join together and elect men and women who love America in 2018 and 2020.


By James Turnage


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