Why America is not a Great Country


Now before you get your panties in a bunch, let me explain the title. America’s government has its priorities in the wrong order. Thanks to runaway capitalism, money comes first, and special interests have become the priority.

Great countries are rated upon their ‘quality of life.’ Multiple polls reveal that the United States is anywhere from sixth to 14th. Included in the evaluations are income level, healthcare, human rights, education, and a balance between work and personal time off; among others.

Because the United States fails to place the welfare of its people as the number one priority, it fails immediately. Most of the developed world’s population are under the misconception that the America worker is valued, and has the most advantages of any nation. They would be mistaken.

A singular example is Italy. Not only is healthcare available for everyone, they receive eight weeks of vacation time each year; mandated by the government. Most employees receive an entire month’s bonus every December. After a woman delivers a child, she is given five months paid maternity leave. There is no mandatory vacation requirement in America, and few companies offer minimal maternity leave; most unpaid.

In nations which are rated ‘great,’ education is a priority. Finland, which was once tied with the United States, rating 29th, is now one of the finest in the world. Students attend classes for three or four hours a day, with virtually no homework. The focus is on the child and not government regulations. In France children are served what could be called ‘gourmet meals,’ which are not only nutritious, but cost less than what can barely be called ‘food’ in America’s schools.

The United States has more individuals in prison per capita than any other nation. The percentage of minorities vs whites defines the fact that our judicial system needs a major overhaul.

The facts regarding our penal system which are most disturbing are that we fail to rehabilitate incarcerated Americans; the system is focused on retribution. Because of these facts, we have the highest rate of recidivism in the world.

The eighth amendment in the Bill of Rights prohibits ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ for federal crimes. This should have been amended years ago to include the states. Capital punishment is not a deterrent for the commission of future crimes, and has been proven so by decades of statistics. In nation’s where the death penalty does not exist, the commission of violent crimes has decreased demonstratively.

America has supported an obsession with drug use for far too long. In nations where individuals are not punished for the use of drugs, crimes related to their use and distribution have lessened significantly. Many nations consider drug use a ‘victim-less crime;’ George W. Bush called it an ‘act of terrorism.’

In nations where women have been recognized as ‘valuable,’ and worthy of equality, great changes have resulted in a far greater quality of lifestyle for everyone. Tunisia, Iceland, and Germany, among others, have experienced growth both socially and economically.

The Christian religious right is one of the owners of the Republican Party. Although the influence of this hypocritical organization is a violation of the first amendment, it has been ignored for a single purpose; to receive votes. Most nations around the world believe in our Constitution, and forbid religion’s involvement in governmental decisions. They believe in human rights, and the privacy of individuals. All religions are cults.

Our legislative system is extremely flawed, and designed to protect special interests. Bills offered for passage in the House and Senate are far too lengthy, and frequently contain addendums which include personal propositions from elected officials which would aid them in future endeavors related to reelection. Our laws are unclear, and often ambiguous.

The final fact is that America can never be great until the Constitution is supported by both parties, the president, and evaluated by the Supreme Court as a ‘living document.’ What was valid in 1789, is not valid in 2017.

Trump’s slogan of “make America great again,” is a thinly disguised attempt to ‘make America white again.’ Trump has no concern for the future of our nation; his ambitions are personal and violate the law of the land.

Under Trump, America will never be a great nation; it will become fascist and deny the rights of the majority.

Join the women of our nation who will lead us in our efforts to take our nation back. They are the future. Old, white men in Washington must be removed and replaced with women who believe in the positive attributes of success and prosperity for all.

We have a chance in November of 2018 to ‘vote the bums out.’ All 435 seats in the House are up for reelection. Defeat the greedy and anti-American Republicans. In addition, one-third of the Senate is also in debate. Vote Democratic and remove the traitorous Mitch McConnell from power.


By James Turnage

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