Republicans Wage War on Everything, Distracting the fact of Putin’s Influence over Trump

New Republican Logo

Republicans have been waging a war on women for more than 20 years. During the last eight years, when America had a real president, they began waging a war on Muslims. Then Republicans set their sights on the working class and the poor. Efforts to add more support to special interests were obvious to everyone except voters who vote for a party and not the candidate.

Republicans are doubling down on these attacks in an effort to distract the American people from the proven fact that Vladimir Putin is pulling Donald Trump’s strings. Resist being in denial. If all the facts are revealed; facts which have been proven by the foreign press for months; Trump will be forced out of office, along with several in his circle of sinners.

The American people have some powerful enemies. There are 289 Republicans in congress, and one illegitimate president. They control Washington, but they do not control 320 million Americans if we don’t allow it to happen.

Our greatest enemies are three immoral, traitorous, and hypocritical men; Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan.

All Americans now know who Trump is and what he isn’t. He is the most immoral man in America, and his unconstitutional policies have made him the most hated man in the world. What he is not makes him dangerous. He is unqualified to be America’s president. He lacks the intelligence, the temperament, and common sense needed from the leader of the free world. Trump’s paranoia creates a need to satisfy his ego constantly. His weaknesses are many, and for Trump, positive qualities are non-existent.

Mitch McConnell is a very ancient 75 year old traitor. He is out of touch with 99 percent of the American people. McConnell’s priorities are party, special interests, and personal ambition. The American people are not on his “to-do” list.

In 2009 McConnell ordered his party to do nothing. They were to concentrate all of their efforts on one thing; insuring that Barrack Obama would be a one-term president. For the next eight years, he led the party of obstruction; the party of “no.”

McConnell is one of the old, white men in Washington who must be removed if our government is to survive.

The most dangerous of all is Paul Ryan. The Speaker of the House is inaccurately perceived as intelligent, and a servant of the American people. What he is, is another man who places his party before the American people. He was one of Trump’s greatest detractors, and is now bowing to his party’s illegitimate leader. He is in a single word; a hypocrite. Like McConnell, he is owned by special interests; big business, the NRA gun lobby, and the Christian religious right.

Ryan has proposed a new budget. His budget would greatly affect low-income Americans, and Americans living in poverty in a very negative manner. To protect large developers profits, he would change the laws intended to assist low-income Americans in their efforts to obtain safe and secure housing for their families. His ‘tax reform’ plan would eliminate tax credits for builders who provide housing for low-income Americans. He has no plan to reduce poverty; his plans would actually increase the ever-growing numbers of families struggling daily to survive.

There is no question that Republicans are the enemies of the people. They have failed to offer a single proposal which would positively affect the majority of the American people in the last 17 years. Their goals have been obvious; create an oligarchy in support of the wealthiest Americans. They succeeded, and under Trump a plutocracy will be established, and supported by fascist rule.

I have promised to always offer the truth to my fellow Americans. I have nothing to gain with the exception of returning the United States of America to the people. Capitalism and our government have failed all of us. Our system of government, a democratic republic, no longer exists. The working class has no representation in Washington. With the establishment of lobbyists, special interests are served, and the people are ignored.

Be aware. Shun your emotions, and use your intellect. The facts are there for all to see. Don’t listen to words; scrutinize their actions.

Take your country back.


By James Turnage


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