Trump’s Lips Were Moving Again Speaking About the Keystone XL Pipeline


Trump is lacking in many things, but the most obvious is his inability to tell the truth. I can’t imagine what life would be like based on “alternative facts.”

Trump was speaking about his authorization to complete the Keystone XL pipeline. This is another effort to appease special interests, Trump lied when he claimed that it will create ‘thousands of new jobs,’ and will ‘lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil. Only a few temporary jobs will be created while construction is underway, and America is experiencing an ‘oil glut;’ we don’t need foreign oil, and this heavy tar sands crude cannot be refined in America.

But Trump’s biggest lie was that “all of the steel used in the creation of the pipeline will come from American steel mills.”

Friday the White House announced that they are lifting the requirement that 100 percent of the steel will be American.

Oh well, it’s just another lie from Trump in an attempt to get people to change their opinion of your illegitimate president.

Once again, ‘if Trump’s lips are moving, he’s lying.’

When Trump was praised for his speech Tuesday evening, I believe that those individuals were listening to something else. He offered many promises, but no substance. For the first time he spoke calmly as he recited a prepared speech. Trump has never kept a promise to his supporters or the American people.

Every time Trump says “believe me,” we know that he is telling the American people a ‘whopper.’


By James Turnage


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