Trump’s Greatest Weaknesses


To list all of the horrible traits attributed to Donald would take pages. His is not only America’s worst president, his is a deplorable human being. There are two major missing qualities which make Trump unfit to lead our nation.

Trump’s extremely weak temperament, and his fragile ego prevent him from laughing at himself, and admitting when he makes a mistake.

Any man who cannot laugh at himself displays a weakness which is truly dangerous. Human beings are all laughable. We are prone to doing ‘stupid’ things, and allowing ourselves to see those actions through the eyes of others makes us real. If we cannot accept our humanity, and admit that we are not perfect, we not only become unlikable, we also separate ourselves from the rest of humanity.

Trump lashes out in an attempt to exact revenge for minor criticism. This displays a serious weakness of character. We heard Trump boast about his belief that he has unrestricted access to women’s bodies because he is rich and famous. If this is an estimation of his value to mankind, he is in his own words, “sad.”

I was told a very long time ago that if I didn’t make mistakes, I wasn’t working hard enough to improve myself and my abilities. Trump claims that he never made a mistake. Although this is impossible, I do believe two things; he has never worked hard enough to make many; and the American people made a huge one when they gifted the presidency to our “buffoon-in-chief.”

I will not attempt to identify all of Trump’s mistakes, but some are obvious. Every nominee and appointed adviser in Trump’s circle of sinners is a severe mistake for America and the American people. They are not only unqualified, they often oppose long-standing policies created by the agencies they will now lead.

Trump lacks a sense of humor. In that void is anger, hatred, and a dark view of America and the world. A man without humor is void of joy. A man without humor views his world in a negative manner. Can we believe that he will move our nation forward? Is he ‘stuck’ in the past?

I cannot accept a man who is immoral and unable to see the future positively to lead my nation.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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