Warning Against Trump’s Plan for Extreme Nationalism


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin share many philosophies. As Trump began to select his cabinet and closest advisers, it became obvious that his first goal was to move America from an oligarchy to a plutocracy; a plutocracy cannot exist without fascist rule. Over a 17 year period, Putin amassed wealth and power, and is now the autocratic ruler of Russia; any representation of democracy is non-existent.

Trump is attempting to become Putin in his first months of an illegitimate presidency. Attacks against the legitimate news media and acceptance of the ‘fake news,’ including FOX and individuals such as conspiracy theorist Alex Jones are an effort to remove free speech. Trump is consolidating power thanks to the submission of hypocritical Republicans in congress. Trump has surrounded himself with billionaires, many of whom made their fortunes on Wall Street.

During his speech to a joint session of congress Tuesday evening, Trump stressed nationalism. Trump has angered many of our closest allies; he appears to be isolating our nation from the other developed countries of the world. Both of these actions are part of a movement to create totalitarian rule.

Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in January 1933. By March he had consolidated power, and spoke of a ‘new nationalist movement. Here is one of the lines from his speech.

The National Socialist Movement was thus able, in spite of the most horrible oppression, to convert increasing numbers of Germans in terms of spirit and will to defensive action. Now, in association with the other national leagues, it has eliminated the powers which have been ruling since November 1918 within a few short weeks and, by means of a revolution, transferred public authority to the hands of the National Government. On March 5, the German Volk gave its approval to this action.”

Patriotism is tricky. I consider myself a very patriotic individual. I love my country, which means that I love the people of the United States of America; I do not love or feel loyalty to my corrupt government.

Loyalty and eventually respect are earned. Neither the present administration or the Republican controlled Congress has accomplished anything which would earn my loyalty. Sadly, what they have earned is my disdain. They are attempting to destroy 60 years of advancement for the American people.

America is not needed as the ‘world’s policeman,’ and we no longer lead the free world. We are one of many nations whose government’s ambitions are opposed to the needs and wishes of its people. Although Trump is attempting to raise the level of national pride, he is failing; and that’s a good thing.

America must not become a fascist nation. America belongs to the people, not to the government. Trump will never be accepted as my president. Aside from his anti-American political beliefs, I could never accept such an immoral and depraved man as the leader of my America.

Time for him to go; he has already proven that he is unfit in multiple ways to be our president.

Fire the Fool.”


By James Turnage


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