Seven Reasons Why I Miss President Barrack Obama

The President

What I miss about President Obama is virtually endless; but let me attempt to state the most important, and the most meaningful.

First of all, I miss his intellect. Whenever he appeared before the press or addressed the American people, he was well-prepared, offering his remarks clearly and concisely. His mastery of the English language was unmatched. Mr. Obama not only revealed his ideas, he offered the manner in which they could be accomplished.

Secondly, I miss his integrity. The media was not required to count the number of times he lied to the American people. Mr. Obama’s proposals were inclusive. Although he was aware that many of his critics based their complaints on the fact that he was African American, he never once mentioned this reality, or accepted it as an obstacle.

Third was his selection of advisers. From Joe Biden to his White House aides, he chose the most diverse men and women in history to serve on his cabinet, and act as his top advisers. His final decisions were based on careful consideration of information offered to him by experienced and knowledgeable members of his administration.

Fourth is the manner in which he represented all of the American people. He lacked any form of prejudice, and always considered the rights and needs of every man and woman in our nation. He displayed unprecedented understanding and compassion.

Fifth was his humility. If he felt that he had erred unintentionally, he accepted responsibility for his actions. He never bragged about himself. The accomplishments of his administration belonged to everyone; the mistakes were his alone.

Sixth is Mr. Obama’s respect for the Constitution. He never approached even a minor violation of the law of the land. Most importantly, he was a staunch supporter of the first amendment; free speech, free press, freedom of religion, and voting rights.

Seventh, and last for the purposes of this article, I miss him as a man. He is a perfect example for every American, and a role model for young men and women of all ages, races, and ethnicity. He was faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge as he took the oath of office, but he accepted it and worked tirelessly to solve America’s problems. He united most of our nation, and although he faced the party of “no,” he never placed blame on others, and somehow persevered to accomplish much of his agenda.

The first President I remember was Dwight D. Eisenhower. President Barrack Obama will be remembered by me as the greatest in my lifetime, and one of the greatest in history.


By James Turnage

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