An Administration Without Morals Refuses to Punish Kellyanne Conway


I’m certain that no one is surprised that Kellyanne Conway will not be punished for her blatant ethics violations. Trump is not being punished for his; in fact the entire administration is without morals. This is the reason I refer to them as Trump’s ‘circle of sinners.’

There are no excuses for her violations. Conway has been a Republican Party hypocrite for years. She knew when she advertised Ivanka’s clothing line on FOX that she was committing a crime. This is the same party that screamed about Hillary’s personal e-mail account for years; but Republicans never punish their own, and their party is the party of immorality and criminals.

Conway has a single job; to cover for Trump’s idiotic reactions when his ego is under attack. In this instance he was angry with Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s clothing line. He ignored the fact that sales of an obviously inferior product were down 23 percent. One question has not been answered; where are they made? Trump claims that our government will only authorize contracts with American companies, and all construction must be made with American materials. The truth is that Trump has 12 companies which operate away from our shores.

Why are the media, both parties, and the voting public accepting such a huge conflict of interests? Trump is a criminal, and must be removed from office.


By James Turnage


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