Trump’s Speech Was a Performance by a Bad Actor



angry-trumpTuesday night Donald Trump held another rally. It was a sad event where only hypocritical Republicans accepted his vacuous rhetoric. He claimed that ‘everything’ will be done, but did not offer a single viable solution. The evening was a performance by a bad actor who was attempting to present a ‘presidential’ front to the American people. This was not the real Donald Trump.

We discover the real Trump in his tweets, when he is not reading from a script.

What did frighten me was Trump’s continued denial that there is a single planet; one world, one people. Trump doesn’t get it. We will never be a great nation until all Americans receive equal protection under the Constitution, and are offered the respect and compassion they deserve. If Trump meant anything he said, it’s time to make an honest attempt to find solutions for poverty and blight in our nation’s cities. He must admit that income inequality is a serious problem. There will be no funding to repair our infrastructure if our nation’s revenue is reduced by giving additional tax cuts to the wealthy.

Trump is a rich, spoiled man-child who lacks the ability to understand that our nation must be fully funded to operate successfully. But we must expect nothing less from a man who has declared bankruptcy four times, and is afraid to release his tax returns.

All of Trump’s spoken ambitions will not happen. The Republican Party will funnel money to special interests and ignore the needs of the American people. Once again Trump displayed his enormous ignorance.

To sum up last night’s farce; Trump spoke for 72 minutes and said nothing. The event was another ‘pep rally’ allowing Trump to have his ego stroked.

Trump continued to paint a dark portrait of America’s future, and with him and his circle of sinners in control, I agree.

However, we are not required to allow his vision to come to fruition. We are 320 million strong, and the United States of America is our country, not his.

Trump’s policies would destroy our beautiful nation by allowing major corporations to pollute our environment. His goal is Steve Bannon’s goal of an all-white America. Trump’s ambition is to make the Constitution null and void.

Fight back if you love your country; and never give up.


By James Turnage


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