Bullshit, Bullshit, and then more Bullshit


Tuesday night Trump promised the American people the world as hypocritical Republican politicians cheered him on. Here’s the problem; he never offered a single explanation regarding how any of his proposals would be accomplished. He will follow the last 20 years of Republicans and talk about much but accomplish nothing. Trump and his circle of sinners have no experience, and no knowledge of how America survives in the modern world. They are are old, fat, rich, white men who are completely out of touch with America and its problems.

I turned the sideshow off when I became tired of Paul Ryan and Mike Pence virtually slapping each other on the back, telling each other that “we have the people where we want them, and f**k them if they don’t like it.”

If you listened and watched Trump lie to the American people, and had even a slight hope or belief that he meant anything he said, you are ignoring the facts regarding his election and the control Vladimir Putin has established over our nation and its illegitimate president.

Call me anything you choose; a conspiracy theorist, or just one of the millions of Americans who love our country but hate Trump and his circle of sinners, but I have followed Trump closely for years, and he is a charlatan; a buffoon.

Always remember that Trump is an actor on a reality show, and nothing else. He has absolutely no substance. Everything he does and says is a facade.

Trump is a product of his environment. He is a spoiled rich child, who became a bully thanks to his wealth and prestige. He never worked a day in his life, and all of his accomplishments were paid for by his father. Anyone who believed that he was sincere this evening is a fool. Trump is a man with no substance, or intelligence, and no understanding of what our nation means to most Americans.

His speech was rehearsed and intended to make the American people believe that he truly wants to be our president. His only intention is self advancement, proven by his ethics violations as he refuses to divest his international business interests.

Trump is the most evil and immoral man in the world, and this is the truth I promise you every day.


By James Turnage

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