Murdering Transgendered Americans: More of the Trump Effect

Gay Pride Parade New York City 2011
New York, NY – May 26, 2011: The Gay Pride Parade in New York City 2011 after passing the same sex marriage bill

The television “news broadcasts” continue to fail the American people. They have a historical opportunity to save our nation from fascism and remove Vladimir Putin’s control over the White House. But they refuse. They are more concerned with advertising revenue rather than the future of our nation.

Their most egregious omissions are what is called the “Trump effect.” Hate crimes occur so frequently, that they have been accepted as ‘normal.’ Mosques have been threatened and burned; Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab are verbally attacked and threatened with physical harm; African Americans and Hispanics feel a fear not experienced since the civil rights marches of the 1960’s; women have returned to their role as second-class citizens in many ‘red states;’ Synagogues have been threatened, and Jewish cemeteries vandalized; the LGBTQ community has been demonized once again, and physical attacks are commonplace.

In New Orleans alone, six transgendered women have been murdered in 2017. The latest occurred on Monday when Ciara McElveen died in New Orleans 7th ward; a victim of multiple stab wounds. Just two days before the death of Ms. McElveen, Chyna Doll Dupree, another black, transgendered woman was found murdered.

This is part of the “Trump Effect.”

During his rallies, Trump encouraged his supporters to openly hate other Americans, and commit acts of violence. Now they have a leader, living in the White House. They are coming out of the shadows in larger numbers than our nation has experienced in five decades.

Trump has surrounded himself with the worst examples of American depravity. White supremacists, Islamophobes, homophobes, anti-Semites, and sexists are in control of our government.

How long will Washington and the media ignore these unforgivable actions? The very fabric of America is slipping away.

Trump’s circle of sinners is the least diverse in 40 years. The vast majority of his closest advisers are old, white, and wealthy men. They have shown no interest in representing all Americans.

We must band together. We have the power. I am a member of more than 65 million Americans who are either atheists or agnostics. Although violence is rare, we are denounced by the hypocritical Christian religious right. We must join with African Americans, Hispanics, women’s rights groups, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, Jews, and all groups who feel ignored by Trump and his cronies.

We must fight for “liberty and justice for all,” not just for a few. Do not rest until Trump is exiled to his golden tower or worse. Trump is the biggest mistake ever made by uninformed voters, and voters who support an alternative America.


By James Turnage


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