A Letter to the American Media: Trump Played You and Continues to Make Fools of You

Media (4)

The American people are denouncing Trump’s censorship of the free press. We should be upset; he is violating the Constitution once again. However, it is your own fault. Trump played you like a cheap guitar, and continues to belittle you before the American people.

From June, 2015, until his illegitimate election, you covered Trump and his deplorable rallies five-times more frequently than all other candidates combined. Your management’s attempts to increase advertising was obvious, but you must accept your role in assisting Trump in his effort to become the president.

You held Hillary to a far higher standard than Trump, and your incessant reporting about Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server aided the Republican Party and Vladimir Putin.

Don’t pretend that with all of your resources you were unaware of Putin’s involvement since 2011.

Although has constantly received your support, he has ‘turned the tables’ and is making you the enemy; and you should be. You should expose everything; forcing Trump to constantly defend himself. He would literally lose his fragile mind.

Why don’t you boycott the fallacious press briefs of Spicer, Miller, and the occasional one by Trump? If you learned anything, you know that without constant attention, Trump will cease to exist. Why will you not support the New York Times, CNN, BBC, and the Guardian? If they’re not allowed to attend the “lie-fests,” why are you there?

Trump is easily beaten if you refuse to let him make fools of you. He’s been doing it for 20 months; isn’t it time to stand up for America?


By James Turnage

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