Trump is a Horrible President, and an Even Worse Human Being


The most accurate definition of Donald Trump is a ‘self-absorbed egomaniac.’ He has absolutely no concern for others, and no interest in the majority of our nation’s people. The only times when Trump displays deep concern is when an issue directly affects him, or damages his fragile ego.

When Saturday Night Live lambasted the buffoon, he was quick to tweet a response in defense of his sad and weak temperament. Once again, in an effort to make himself feel important, he tweeted about the low ratings of the new “Apprentice” broadcast. When low sales figures combined with customer protests resulted in the removal of Ivanka Trump’s clothes line from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and others, Trump once again took to twitter to denounce the retail giants. When an attempted terrorist attack at the Louvre failed, Trump was quick to tweet about the issue. He continues an attempt to increase the size of the crowd at his inauguration and claim that three-million illegal votes were cast in the election, making him the winner of the popular vote. “Sad.”

So what did Trump do when an American terrorist killed one man and wounded two others in an act of hatred in Olathe, Kansas. Absolutely nothing. He failed to mention the incident. He refused to call the families involved. Trump simply ignored the incident.

Adam W. Purinton began yelling racial obscenities at Srinivas Kuchibhotla, and Alok Madasani at a bar in Olathe. They are Indian-Americans and practice their Hindu faith. The bartender told Purinton to leave, but he returned 15 minutes later, shouted “get out of my country,” and shot the two men and another patron, Ian Grillot. Mr. Kuchibhotia died in a Kansas City hospital; the other two men are recovering from their wounds. Mr. Kuchibhotia left behind a wife who is five-months pregnant.

Hey “Donnie,” where are the tweets; where is your compassion for an American killed on American soil by one of your supporters who followed your instructions and committed a hate crime. The attacker shot these men because they did not fit your profile of an American; white and Christian.

This is another example of the ‘Trump effect.’ Weak-minded men and women across our nation supported your vile rhetoric at your rallies, and now have a representative in the White House. Hate groups across America are coming out of the shadows. Trump has received testimonials from the KKK and other white supremacist groups throughout the nation, including Alt-Right, the organization which Steve Bannon supports.

Hey “Donnie boy,” a denouncement of this tragedy would have been appropriate, but once again you failed as a human being.

This is simply another example why I will never accept this immoral man as my president. I expect great things from my leaders. If they want my respect, they must earn it. What we have now is a dirty old man who inspires the worst of America to act in a deplorable and anti-American manner.


By James Turnage


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