Expect Anything from Trump, Unless it’s a Promise


Trump loves to hear himself abuse the English language, and he expects everyone to believe him. I constantly say the “if his lips are moving, he’s lying.” If you supported the failed businessman, and are expecting him to keep his promises, I’m sorry. Trump will not build his wall; Muslims will not be banned from entering our nation; there is no plan to rebuild our infrastructure; and Obamacare will not be replaced.

Trump is doing what Trump does best, praise himself for the accomplishments of others. He has failed to accomplish a single positive action since his inauguration.

The one thing he will accomplish is to waste taxpayer dollars. He and his family’s trips are unnecessary and cost millions of dollars. Now he wants to increase the Pentagon’s budget, and allow them to waste even more money. Nearly 50 cents of every dollar they receive ends up in money thrown away.

Two examples reveal an inept military leadership.

The F-35, “Joint Strike Fighter,” is already three years overdue, and $200 billion over budget. It was a failure from day one, but the military brass insists that it will function as planned. No one else believes that.

Bradley tanks continue to be manufactured. They are not needed. Just a couple of hundred miles north of my home there are warehouses of tanks which are unlikely to be used in combat.

In addition to those wasteful projects, there are warehouses across the nation filled with ammunition which will never be used. The Pentagon continues to “upgrade” its weapons, making millions of rounds of ammunition unusable.

But Trump is easily fooled. Remember, he receives nearly all of his information from FOX Noise and Alex Jones.

The saddest part of this story is that he wants a ten percent increase in military spending, raising it by $54 billion, while taking that same $54 billion from other federal projects.

Trump is running our government like he runs his businesses. Never forget that he filed bankruptcy in three Atlantic City casinos; that’s right casinos.

He will keep one other promise; to lower taxes for the one-percent. Who believed that a failed businessman could intelligently attack our nation’s fiscal imbalance? Not the majority of Americans who voted for Hillary and gave her the popular vote.


By James Turnage


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