In Trump’s Administration, Who is Serving Who? No One Serves the American People


The biggest question regarding Trump and his circle of sinners is “who is in control of our nation’s future?” Other than those we see lying to the American people on a daily basis, who else is hiding in the shadows, giving instructions or offering support to those who face the cameras?

Americans now know the real Donald Trump. The man who held rallies based on anger, hatred, and violence, and exposed his severely weak temperament, is a facade. Now that he is your illegitimate president, it is obvious that he is merely the ‘front man’ in a corrupt administration.

Although Republicans deny the truth, (no surprise there), Vladimir Putin is the puppet master. This has been a proven fact for months, but Republican politicians and the media continue to act as though it was unsubstantiated.

Billionaire Robert Mercer must be exposed for his role in controlling the White House.

We know that Trump despises the legitimate media because it reveals the truth and facts; oh how Trump hates those facts. But what most Americans do not know is that the origin of attacks on the media derives from Robert Mercer. For the last ten years he has donated millions to the ‘Media Research Center.’ As it is with so many other misnamed organizations, this group is actually dedicated to denouncing all progressive news by distorting or denying the facts.

The connection to Trump is Steve Bannon. Trump was ordered to hire the Alt-Right member when Mercer began funding much of Trump’s campaign. Bannon led Breitbart, and Mercer is one of the extreme right wing hate machine’s owners.

Knowing who is actually in control of the White House helps the American people to understand the strange and unconstitutional decisions coming from Trump’s circle of sinners. The actual chain of command is Putin, Mercer, Bannon, and finally Trump.

Now add in the service of FBI Director James Comey. He is also a Putin asset. He has refused to reveal the facts regarding the long-standing relationship between Putin and Trump. He is guilty of aiding Trump during the campaign, and is, in fact, a traitor. Senator Ron Wyden has openly accused Comey of his treasonous actions.

“My increasing concern is that classification now is being used much more for political security than for national security,” Wyden said.

If you believe that Trump has the intelligence to lead our nation, you are sadly uninformed. Any man who cannot use the English language clearly and distinctly lacks average intelligence.

Putin, Mercer, and Bannon control the White House while Trump watches cable news and eats fast food. Trump is only summoned to the Oval Office when his signature is required on an “executive order” which has been originated by Bannon.

One serious mistake occurred when Trump finally held a press conference by himself on a Thursday afternoon. He rambled on for 77 minutes without offering a single iota of information. He attacked the press; offered praise to himself for fantasized accomplishments; and made empty promises. Trump is not your president and never will be mine.

Join the revolution; vote.


By James Turnage

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