Donald Trump is a Coward

Donald the Fascist

Another of the long standing traditions in Washington will be ignored by Trump. The relationship between the press and the president is always contentious. Any man or woman who seeks the presidency has made his or herself a target for criticism. This is the purpose of all White House correspondents. Until now, presidents past have endured the jokes made at their expense during the annual Correspondents Dinner. Some who had the intelligence to strike back with their own jibes, such as Barrack Obama, made the evening even more enjoyable. That’s not the way Trump plans to deal with the event; he won’t be there.

Trump’s ego is so fragile that he is unable to “take a joke” at his expense. Your illegitimate president lacks the intellect to enjoy humor. He made a serious mistake by seeking the presidency. More jokes and criticism have been directed towards Trump than at any other president in history. The late night talk show comics have enough material to last a lifetime, and Trump has been in office for just over a month.

Let’s be honest here; Trump is a coward. He constantly berates the media for telling the truth, and is afraid to face their response. Trump’s greatest enemies are facts. He actually expects the American people to accept his lies as “alternative facts.”

Another reason Trump is not attending is that many agencies have decided to boycott the event after Trump called journalists “the enemy of the American people.” The crowd will be smaller than the number of people who attended his inauguration; but not by much.

Trump is the most hated man in the world; he’s earned the title. His presidency is based on hatred and destruction. He denies the fact that America could be a great country if we had great leaders who respected the will of the people.

Sadly, America has become a business. This is the result of Republican politicians who serve special interests and ignore 320 million people. Now, with Trump as their “lack of standards bearer,” fascism is becoming a reality. Establishing white supremacy, and the destruction of free speech are paramount to autocratic rule.

Where will we the people be in four years? It’s up to you. Will you allow yourself to be ‘led to slaughter,’ or will you take your country back? We can destroy Trump through continued protests, and refusal to accept his view of America’s future. Most importantly we can use our vote. In 2018, and 2020, we must remove all Republicans from office. They support Trump, and therefore hate the United States of America and our Constitution. Use your power and return democracy to America.


By James Turnage


Photo Courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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