CPAC Adds to the Hypocrisy of the Right Wing


In previous years Trump spoke at CPAC. He was well received by the radicals on the right wing who favored his conspiracy theories and alternate views of our nation. When he spoke today, they celebrated the buffoon as the “second coming of Christ.”

Trump’s speech was filled with lies and innuendos; continuing his policies divulged at his campaign rallies.

Let me make a confirmed statement here, before I inform you of Trump’s idiocy during his CPAC remarks. Republicans have no concern for the truth; for them winning is everything. If the devil himself had been gifted the Electoral College, they would denounce the cult of Christianity, and serve their master.

One by one, lets expose some of Trump’s numerous lies at CPAC.

Trump denounced the “dishonest media,” who revealed personal views after extensive investigation, and reported the truth. The truth is confirmation of the most harmful and conclusive attacks on the illegitimate presidency of Donald Trump. Public opinion confirms Trump’s denouncement of television news. The truth is that it was television news who gave Trump a free ride during the election and concurred with Republican’s damnation of Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server; a double standard.

Trump once again fallaciously claimed that he had a “massive victory” in the election. He received 306 Electoral votes, which was diminutive compared to past elections, and lost by three million votes in the popular election; the only number which should be respected.

Trump claimed that we have a ‘depleted military.’ This is so false it frightens me. The United States spends five-times more than all of its closest adversaries combined. The problem is that the Pentagon has little oversight, and wastes nearly 50 percent of its annual budget.

Trump received chants of “build the wall” by the mostly old, white men in the audience. The fact is that it is not only impossible to build a wall across our entire southern border with Mexico, cost overruns and unforeseen difficulties would make the effort prohibitive. Not to mention that throughout history, walls to protect nations have proven ineffective. But Trump denies history.

As expected, Trump spoke of “repealing and replacing Obamacare.” The problem here is that this is the most unpopular issue in America, primarily because there is no policy or even a single substantive idea about how to replace the law which offeres more than 20 million Americans the right to healthcare.

Trump also added false claims regarding trade deals, pipelines, and regulations which would result in another great recession our nation experienced in 2008.

In other words; all of Trumps remarks were full of s**t.

The American people are cursed with the most ignorant man ever to darken the steps of the White House. All means must be considered to remove him from office; he is murdering our nation.


By James Turnage


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