Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump: The Demise of American Values


The reasons Trump denounces the legitimate media, and supports the fake media, are many. First and foremost, he is unable to defend himself against the truth. He prefers “alternative facts.” Other reasons involve exposing Trump for his past, his present, and his future actions which are and will be both criminal and traitorous.

Do you believe that it’s your right to know who’s really running our nation? Do you support the fourth estate, whose responsibility it is to inform the people of corruption and criminality by government officials? Do you believe that you are of equal value to our nation; that our leaders must not rule, they must serve? If these and other issues are applied to the Trump administration, we quickly learn that they must be removed from power by any and all means, and with the most urgent expediency.

Let’s tell the truth and reveal the ‘chain of command’ in Trump’s White House. It begins with billionaire Robert Mercer. When he became Trump’s primary donor in 2016, Mercer ordered Trump to select Steven Bannon, the former leader of Breitbart, to become his campaign CEO.

With proof that the “Golden Showers Dossier” is a reality, it is a confirmed fact that Trump is Vladimir Putin’s asset. The connection between Mercer and Putin is unclear, but it is obvious to anyone who is close to politics that most of Trump’s appointments and nominations were not made by him.

Putin and Mercer are running our nation. The day to day operations are the responsibility of Steve Bannon, including the construction of Trump’s now infamous executive orders.

Here is the common denominator.

Mercer is a part owner of Breitbart. For those of you who remain uninformed regarding this publication, Breitbart was founded by the now deceased Andrew Breitbart. He created a forum for extremists, and those who believe in an ‘alternative’ America. Bannon agreed to lead the publication after Breitbart’s death. He continued to support white supremacy, Islamophobia, Homophobia, sexism, and anti-Semitism.

These three men had found their voice, and the only man they believed had any possibility of winning a presidential election. In just over a single month, these four men have endangered the future of our nation with the intent of repealing the Constitution and replacing democracy with fascism.

Their vision is white-dominated society which rewards wealth, and punishes the working class. Free speech is the enemy; all “alternative facts” most come from the government. Tax money must be diverted to the richest Americans, and to the military to guarantee victories in future imperialist wars. Minorities, homosexuals, and all members of any religion other than Christianity must be expunged. The race must be pure, and the ambitions of the few will be the major priority of the government.

If you believe that I am making all of this up, take a close look at Trumps actions and connections during the campaign and after. The facts are there; there is no need for conjecture.

Putin’s plans began over five years ago. When the one American he truly hated became the Democratic candidate, he increased his efforts. He never forgave Hillary’s criticism of his illegitimate election in 2011.

Learn about these men and why they are a danger to you and to your family. They are the real leaders of our nation and the free world.


By James Turnage


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