Republicans Seek Voter Suppression to Win Elections


You may remember that when early voting for the November 8th election began, Trump campaign workers in several states were reprimanded for attempts to suppress votes through tactics of intimidation, or campaigning in restricted areas. If you thought that this was isolated, you don’t read real news; you don’t know the truth.

In red states, voter ID laws are aimed directly at minorities. Polling places have been closed in some areas, and legitimate voters are facing unheard of restrictions. It must be noted that the most important right guaranteed by our founding fathers was our right to vote. They encouraged every eligible citizen to vote during every election. During my lifetime, legitimate politicians have encouraged Americans to go to their polling place and vote. But this is no longer true for Republicans who are aware that a large voter turnout means a win for Democrats. They are denounced by most Independents, and cannot withstand a swell of voters at the polls.

Nothing proves this more than the current situation in Montana. Geographically, Montana is a large state, but it’s total population is about one-million people. The Constitution requires that it has two senators, but it’s population allows for a single member of the House.

It’s single representative is Ryan Zinke. He obviously won his election in 2016. His opposition was killed in a head-on collision before the November election. Montana has very strict ballot laws which require 100 percent accuracy. The ballots had to be reprinted. As you might assume, Montana has a small fund for elections. This situation increased the cost of the 2016 election by nearly 50 percent.

Zinke has been tapped by Trump to lead the Department of the Interior. Now a special election must be held to replace Zinke. Steve Fitzpatrick, a Republican state senator, introduced a bill to allow a ‘mail-in’ ballot which would save the state $500,000.

Sounds like a great idea; unless you are a Republican who would suppress the vote and help secure the election for his party.

Jeff Essmann, the chair of the Montana GOP, sent out the following report.

All mail ballots give the Democrats an inherent advantage in close elections due to their ability to organize large numbers of unpaid college students and members of public employee unions to gather ballots by going door to door,” Essmann wrote. “Vote-by-mail is designed to increase participation rates of lower propensity voters. Democrats in Montana perform better than Republican candidates among lower propensity voters and Republicans do better among higher propensity voters.”

This is the problem with today’s “Republican in Name Only” party. They talk about fiscal conservatism, the Constitution, family values, and smaller government, but they are hypocrites. None of these former GOP concerns applies today.

Essmann is denouncing the first amendment which guarantees the people’s right to select their representatives, and it was not the intention of the Constitution to place party before people and good government.

The bill to allow mail-in ballots is out of committee, and on its way to a full senate vote.

If there were no parties, Washington would have men and women who care about all of the people, and issues would be decided by priorities such as “the right thing,” and the “will of the people.” Political parties are evil and produce dysfunctional government. Become an Independent and we can eliminate “red and blue” states which divide our nation. We could also eliminate the Electoral College, which is fails the American people by removing their right to choose a president.

Now you have the proof.


By James Turnage


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