R.I.P. Republican Party: We Will Miss You

New Republican Logo

Trump represents the Trump business empire; he is not a Republican; he is not an American. Trump has no principles, denounces most of the Constitution, and believes in fascism and the destruction of Democracy.

The memory of great Republicans including Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan will soon be lost as Trump moves our nation’s people into a very dark place; the place he forecast during his convention.

On his MSNBC show in 2009, Ed Schultz said that “there are parallels” between “some of the things Hitler was saying and some of the things that were at the CPAC convention.” He added, “They are not Americans.” In 2011, per CNN, Schultz called Trump a racist and said “nobody” wanted him to become president.

That was then, this is now. I’m using Schultz as an example of the opportunist and hypocritical political environment in our nation today. Schultz will be speaking at what some are calling the “Trump Political Action Conference.”

Schultz now works for RT, the Russian news agency and propaganda machine funded by the Kremlin. On his nightly show, Schultz responded to the now proven fact that Putin interfered with our election by ignoring the truth and the abrupt change in the polls, by attacking Hillary.

Full disclosure: The Russians did not tell Hillary Clinton not to go to Wisconsin. They didn’t tell her not to go to Michigan either.”

The full truth, is that CPAC is a facade. It is no longer a ‘think tank’ whose purpose is to adopt policies for less government, and to support individual rights and freedom. This group of extremists now supports government control of our daily lives and rejects the parts of the Bill of Rights it fails to support.

CPAC is now nothing more than a venue where old, white, racist men join to complain about progressives, and anyone else who chooses not to agree with their subverted views.

The once Grand Old Party is extinct. What exists today needs a new, accurate name. Possibly the “American Fascist Party.” Their is nothing moral or principled about today’s Republican politicians.

As an Independent, my ballot was often mixed with candidates from both sides of the aisle; But that ended in 2000. I have been unable to find a Republican whose ideas and values represent my own. I find them all to be hypocrites who place their party before my beloved country. They support special interests, while the majority are no longer represented in Washington.

Beginning with the midterm election in 2018, we must vote all Republicans out of office. All 435 members of the House are up for reelection, as well as one-third of the Senate. Vote; but also encourage everyone you know to help America have a record turnout. We must take our country back.


By James Turnage


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