CPAC: The White Supremacist Convention has Begun


Every year there is a gathering of old, white men, who get a chance to complain about a changing world. They cheer speeches which denounce social programs, women’s rights, and the Constitution. They support voter restrictions, reducing taxes for the wealthy, and cutting funds for the arts, education, and Planned Parenthood. It was fitting that yesterday Steve Bannon spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The media has been far too kind in their description of this vile and immoral man. Bannon believes in an ‘all-white’ America, where the rich rule the working class, and all “truth” is disseminated from the government; in other words, a plutocracy controlled by a fascist government.

Bannon continued Trump’s fallacious attacks on the media; they hate the truth more than they hate Hillary Clinton for destroying Trump is the popular vote. Although he used bigger words, he stated that Trump would create a ‘new world order.’

The word “conservative” once meant something positive in politics. Today conservative refers to extreme right wing nuts who would destroy everything accomplished for the working class in the last 60+ years. Labels mean nothing; actions define the man.

Examples of today’s “conservatives” are Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and other TEA Party supporters. Their philosophy was proven by their actions. They accomplished nothing positive in the eight years of a real President’s Administration. If they can’t have everything their way, they ‘take their ball and go home.’

If you would like to raise your blood pressure, listen to the speakers at CPAC. They will be attacking everything supported by most Americans in favor of special interests. “Obamacare” will be denounced, although across the nation Republican politicians have been criticized for their intentions to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and not replace it. Angry voters are demanding that they are represented, but their needs will be ignored by Republicans who simply don’t care.

You will hear plans to virtually destroy social security and Medicare. You will hear plans to allow major corporations unrestricted operations, which will increase their profits, but fail to benefit the working class. They will be allowed to pollute the environment in another intention of placing “profit before people.”

Why should those attending CPAC be concerned about the future? They are mostly old white men who won’t be here in 20-30 years. They have no concern for America’s future; they live in the past; the “bad old days.”

One last thing; if you watch the events at CPAC, remember that the last some ‘some’ Republicans gathered in large numbers was in July at Trump’s convention. During that time, Trump was vehemently denounced, as Republican leaders promised to defeat Trump. But that will change this weekend; all Republicans are hypocrites and place their party ahead of the American people.


By James Turnage


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