Should You Be Frightened that Trump Receives all of His Information from FOX Noise and Alex Jones?


Every day of his eight years on office, President Barrack Obama read the ‘President’s Daily Briefing;’ as every president has since John F. Kennedy. If something ‘jumped out’ at him, he would meet with upper level members of his security agencies. He trusted experts in their field who offered information allowing him to make the best possible decisions. Then he would likely meet with leaders of Congress to plan the best possible course of action. This is not Donald Trump’s process.

According to sources from inside the White House, Trump chooses not to read the PDB; he has a staff member read it for him, and relay a synopsis. Most of his information comes from television and radio; otherwise known as the ‘real fake news.’ He constantly listens to FOX Noise, and an extremist right wing radio show called ‘Infowars,’ hosted by the infamous Alex Jones. Maybe this explains why ‘fact-check’ revealed that although Trump has only been in office 33 days, he has already told 133 blatant lies to the American people.

FOX has a large staff which ‘fact checks’ their on-air personalities. They are very busy. Trump repeated one of them last Saturday evening, when he stated that Sweden had been attacked by a terrorist group.

Jones is even worse. He spread a lie that hunters in Texas had been attacked by illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border, in an effort to justify Trump’s wall. The truth was that the hunters shot each other in an act of fear and paranoia.

Trump prefers fake news because it supports his misguided beliefs.

Personally, I am very frightened. Trump constantly berates the New York Times, the most respected newspaper in the United States. They have an enormous team whose only responsibility is to double and triple check the validity of a story. Trump believes Alex Jones, who delivers more “alternative facts” than Trump, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter combined, but fails to trust his own security agencies.

Before the election, informed and intelligent Americans were fully aware that Trump was unfit to lead our nation; now he proves that fact on a daily basis to all Americans.

Trump supporters must question their ability to make intelligent decisions. Like Trump, I am a seventy-year-old man. Although I never completed my degree at a four-year university, my experience and openness to new ideas, and my ability to learn from others, I am far more qualified to be the leader of the free world. However, unlike Trump, I am not a dirty old man. I have strong morals, compassion, and tolerance for everyone else. I expect the truth from those with whom I associate, and in turn I offer them my respect. I appreciate advice from those who know more about a subject than I do. Most importantly, I believe in the Constitution; I do not select the sections which validate my opinions; I cherish every word. Lastly, I do not require someone to ‘stroke my ego’ frequently.

We must all be very afraid of Trump. If he truly believes that FOX Noise and Alex Jones are telling the truth, our nation is in danger of extinction.

Vive la revolution!


By James Turnage

Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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