Republicans Run From Voters and Refuse to Answer to the American People


Trump is predictable. If his fragile ego is in danger of harm, he uses tactics of denial, lying, and rejection of the facts to soothe his childish temperament. Last Saturday, he decided to hold a “rally” in Florida in response to the many protests and criticism from true Americans. I’m sure he felt better; surrounded by his deplorable supporters.

Across America Republican politicians are running away from their constituents whenever possible. Scheduled town hall meetings have been canceled, and those which were not experienced overflow crowds who demanded that their representatives “do their job.”

In the small town of Blackstone, Virginia, voters drove long distances from rural areas to attend a town hall hosted by Republican Dave Brat. There were Trump supporters, Clinton supporters, and signs claiming that this is a “woman’s revolution.” They were protesting Trump’s destructive actions. Of primary concern was healthcare. Signs stated that “healthcare is a human right” were numerous. Blackstone is a town of about 3,500 residents, and it appeared that all of them were in attendance; they were angry. They refused to allow Brat’s refusal to directly answer their questions; “politispeak” was denounced.

But Republicans are once again lying to the press and to the American people. They and their immoral and illegitimate leader are claiming that these angry crowds have been organized by ‘liberals who seek political change.’ Sorry, hypocrites, denial will not work this time.

Kimberly Wyman was first in line, eight hours early. She wore a black T-shirt with pink letters declaring: “A woman’s place is in the revolution.”

If you live in a small town, you think no one’s going to come and join you — and people do,” said Wyman, 41, who deals antiques in Spotsylvania County.

Lies helped Trump become your illegitimate president, but they work no longer.

Trump attempted to discount these types of meetings in a tweet; (no surprise there).

The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!”

Let’s tell the truth; what is ‘sad’ is that America is saddled with a buffoon who hates America. Trump should be deported back to the country of his family’s origin, Germany. Sadly, they would refuse to accept him in their nation.

The so-called March on Washington was actually, in numerous cases, planned out by civil-rights activists.” Trump.

I hope that’s true; under a Trump administration, America’s civil rights are in danger. We ARE fighting to take them back.

Discounting right wing media, Trump is the most unpopular president in American history, and it has taken him less than five weeks to accomplish this feat.

The truth hurts,” and we want Trump to feel great pain; the pain he has already caused for so many Americans.

Don’t stop; we can defeat the enemy; he is nothing but a public servant.


By James Turnage

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Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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