The Real News About the “Fake News:” Part 3


                               Trump’s Mental Health

It doesn’t take a highly trained mental health expert to question the mental acuity of Donald Trump. His irrational behavior, weak temperament, inability to take criticism, penchant for revenge, and attacks against the press for reporting the truth, all point to paranoia and other related mental conditions.

Reporters who have interviewed Trump described him as an actor; a man who refused to reveal himself.

In the late 1990’s, Mark Singer was interviewing Trump for a profile in the ‘New Yorker.’ He was unable to evaluate the man with the orange hair. Eventually, he asked him what he believed to be a question which would reveal the man behind the facade; he did not receive the type of answer he had hoped.

O.K., I guess I’m asking, do you consider yourself ideal company?”

You really want to know what I consider ideal company?,” Trump replied. “A total piece of ass.”

We know now from other recordings released by ‘Inside Hollywood,’ and ‘The Apprentice,’ he was being truthful.

Now that he is formally engaged in politics, the negative side of Donald Trump has come forward. He is frequently obsessed about a single issue, and unable to multi-task. A president must address multiple issues daily. But that is not Trump.

He ranted for days about reports of a minuscule crowd at his inauguration. For months he claimed that three to five million illegal votes were cast on November 8th; refusing to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton soundly defeated him in the popular vote.

Immediately after the election, Trump found the need to have his fragile ego stroked, as never-ending protests began. Trump engaged on a victory tour. Last Saturday, he held a ‘campaign rally’ in Florida after a week in Washington which found him unable to truthfully answer multiple questions about multiple issues.

In February of 1967, Congress passed the 25th amendment to the Constitution. It provides a method to replace the President, should he become incapacitated; mentally or physically. In order to accomplish this act, a consortium of government officials is required. If the president and the group disagree, Congress will decide who becomes the next president. The vice-president would become the ‘acting president.’

Congresswoman Jackie Speier recently stated that ‘if the president continues to fail to act presidential, the 25th amendment may come into play.’

“Well, I think that we have got to be very careful,” Speier said. “He needs to start acting presidential. He needs to start recognizing that as president you don’t go around and shoot down the media, as if it’s some kind of a game you’re playing. You don’t take on people saying nasty things about them. You don’t take foreign leaders and hang up the phone with them or besmirch them, as he has with some of the European leaders. I mean, he has got to get a grip. And so the 25th Amendment is there if a president becomes incapacitated.”

Trump has never produced a complete record of his physical health. He has admitted taking ‘Propecia,’ but nothing else. He must submit to a comprehensive medical and mental evaluation. Many wonder if he is on ‘mood stabilizers,’ and if he is, why aren’t the working?

How can a man who demonstrates a complete lack of self-control not be mentally challenged? In any other job, at any other level, an employee who might act similar to Trump, would be relieved of his position, and sent to a medical facility for a psychological evaluation.

Trump is without question ego-maniacal. He refuses to seek other opinions. There is little doubt that he has a “god complex.”

Trump’s weak mental ability is the prime reason Putin began to ‘pull his strings’ more than five years ago. Long before informed Americans learned of his personal weaknesses, Putin identified his condition and took control.

Trump must be removed from office in any manner possible; this appears to be the most logical, and is based on fact.


By James Turnage

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