The Real News About the ‘Fake News:’ Part 1


The truth about ‘fake news’ is that it originates from the Trump administration, not from the print media. The television media is on its own, and has lost most of its credibility by placing ‘profit before the American people.’

America has been forced into an alternative universe. The printed press reports facts, and our government calls them ‘fake news.’ This sad attack on our first amendment is the result of one fact. Trump has not offered a single verifiable fact since he began campaigning in mid-2015. If the truth is told, Trump will be exposed as the worst president in history in only one month.

I have reported every act; every unconstitutional measure taken by Trump and his circle of sinners. Likely the most important result is the “Trump effect.” The “Trump effect” occurs in multiple ways.

Hate crimes have reached levels not seen since the civil rights movement. Immigrants are living with the fear that their families will be separated. Trump’s extremely poor choices for his circle of sinners have raised questions not only in relation to their lack of qualifications, but also Trump’s intentions regarding the future of certain agencies such as the EPA and FDA.

There are some positives. What was originally a divisive situation, is now morphing into a united front. Anti-Trump forces have risen up in our nation and far outnumber Trump supporters. American citizens who love the country of our founding fathers are joining together in ways not seen since WWII.

Protests are occurring daily. They are well organized, and focus on the real villains in our nation’s dire situation. Republican politicians have been forced to face angry crowds who are demanding that they support voters and ignore Trump’s destructive plans and special interests.

Republicans have controlled Republican voters through lies and misdirection for decades, and were elected easily in red states. Voters in red states are rejecting their illegitimate president. GOP politicians have refused to fully investigate Trump’s close ties with Vladimir Putin. They are ignoring Trump’s many ethics violations. Republicans are not addressing voters in their districts in a positive manner. They refuse to reject Trump and stand for our nation, which is the American people.

Even Joni Ernst, Republican Senator from Iowa, has been forced to endure crowds protesting her lack of courage to support the people of Iowa.

I do not respect Ernst; she is a traitor to her supporters and her sex. That said, she is a rising star in the GOP, but that did not prevent her from facing an angry crowd in her home state.

Ernst had planned a meeting to address veterans. The Maquoketa City Hall holds about 100 people. This small venue in this small Iowa town was overflowing with many others standing outside. She chose not to answer many hard questions by the mostly older white crowd. As the crowd became impatient, she left the room.

This is how we take back our country. We have only a single power as citizens; our vote. Vote them out of office if they continue to refuse to represent the people; accept Trump’s vile plans; and continue to represent special interests.

Protesting is patriotic. We will not accept Trump’s “alternative facts.” Support The New York Times, and other legitimate and factual news services. They are doing their job; they are reporting the truth, while Trump is offering lies and fake news.

In less than two years, all 435 seats in the House are up for reelection; hit ’em where it hurts; vote them out of office. Republicans are guilty for the gridlock in Washington. Led by America’s biggest traitor, Mitch McConnell, the GOP kept his promise and did nothing for eight years.

One-third of the Senate will face reelection. Vote out Republicans and elect younger, more progressive men and women who will represent you.

This is our power, and for the next four years, the American people must use that power. Trump and his Republican cronies are waging a war against the majority, but we have the numbers; we have the power.

GET OUT AND VOTE; and encourage your friends and family to do the same.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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