The Trump Effect: Volume 27


Nothing good has, or ever will come from the Trump administration. His efforts to spread hatred and violence have succeeded far beyond his imagination. Immediately after the November election, hate crimes against African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, and women experienced a dramatic increase unreported by the television media. Now Trump’s supporters have added another group; a group which is sadly all too familiar with fascists such as Donald Trump.

Threats against Jewish Community Centers are on the rise. There were at least ten bomb threats recently. These follow 53 threats across 26 states, and in one Canadian Provence in January. In Missouri, more than 100 headstones were overturned in a Jewish cemetery; some broken beyond repair.

Ryan Lenz is a senior writer for the non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center.

“We don’t know who’s behind these threats,” Lenz said. “We don’t know if groups are organizing them. We do know they’re in line with an increase in hate incidents and bias incidents over the last three months.”

The center counted 1,094 incidents in the 34 days after Nov. 8, from anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant to anti-LGBT and anti-black expressions.

This is another example of the “Trump Effect.” If our nation’s leader is a white supremacist, Islamophobic, Homophobic, and sexist; others of his type feel empowered. For a century-and-one-half, the KKK has harassed African Americans and Jews; they offered strong report for Trump. White nationalist radio networks spoke proudly after Trump’s election, claiming that they had the support the have been seeking in Washington. One entire party supports their evil ambitions.

Millions of voters chose this road for America on November 8th. They do not want democracy; they support fascism and all that it includes.

For those of you, like myself, who love the nation established by our founding fathers, there is some positive news. Dirty, old, white men like Trump are dying, and soon their antiquated and un-American beliefs will die with them.

We must change our nation beginning in 2018. The midterms offer an opportunity to begin restoring America to the people. All 435 members of the House face reelection. Republicans must go. One-third of the Senate will be chosen; Republicans must go.

It’s our choice, and our nation. Trump and his circle of sinners are public servants; our nation’s ‘housekeepers.’ We control them, and our own destiny. We have one illegitimate president, 435 members in the House, 100 Senators, and eight Supreme Court Justices. That is a total of 544 men and women who believe that they have the right to control everything which happens in our nation without considering the great majority. We are 320 million strong; let’s show them how wrong they are.


By James Turnage


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