Dimitry Firtash and his Connection to Donald Trump


Few Americans will read about the extradition of Dimitry Firtash in America; far too many of our nation’s people choose to remain uninformed. However, because he is closely tied to the Trump administration, he should be big news. I’m certain that the television media will ignore the connection and fail to report the truth.

Firtash is a very wealthy man. He made his fortune in the Ukranian gas industry. He was once a business partner of Paul Manafort. If that name sounds familiar, he is a former campaign manager of Donald Trump. Manafort made his fortune as a liaison between Russian President Vladimir Putin and deposed Ukranian autocrat, Viktor Yanukovych. Firtash, Yanukovych, and Manafort are all connected to Russia’s intervention during our 2016 election.

Firtash was indicted in 2014 by a federal court in Chicago. The charge was bribery. He was attempting to set up a $500 million titanium business in India; Boeing was to be potential client. It never happened.

Firtash escaped to Vienna. He was only allowed to stay, and avoid extradition after paying 107 million pounds in fees.

Today, the Austrian court allowed America’s request for extradition; he will be tried in an American court.

We are all waiting to see what will happen within the Justice Department. Jeff Sessions is now the Attorney General. Sessions was part of Trump’s campaign, and raises a major question; while he expose Russia’s involvement in our election, and the relationship between Trump and Putin.

Sessions will also have another decision of major importance. Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser for 24 days, is accused of lying to the FBI. This is a felony, but will Sessions take action and indict him?

We have watched corruption grow within Trump’s administration. He was able to lie continuously during the campaign, but he is now facing scrutiny from around the world. Trump’s biggest mistake was deciding to run for the presidency. His extremely weak temperament cannot accept criticism, and as the most unqualified candidate in history, and now our nation’s illegitimate president, he will receive questions he cannot or will not answer truthfully. His ego and obvious paranoia will literally drive him crazy.

America, and the principled media, if there are any left, must watch Trump and his circle of sinners very closely. Will they support ‘the rule of law?’ So far secrecy has shrouded the White House. When they do offer information, it is mostly based on “alternative facts.”

The Firtash case may not appear to have importance, but the truth is that its implications are far-reaching.

Only Trump supporters and others who deny facts refuse to believe that Putin and Trump are joined at the hip. Putin has been pulling Trump’s strings for years.

Watch closely, my fellow Americans, Trump is working hard at only one thing; to place the American people under fascist rule.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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