Why Republicans are Wrong About Immigration: McCain Gets Part of it Right


Almost every opposition Republicans have to finding a legal pathway for almost twelve million undocumented workers is based on lies. The most egregious lie is that they will take jobs away from natural born citizens.

Although Republicans deny it, many of the jobs held by these men and women are unacceptable to most Americans. We are a lazy nation, and hard, physical work is not attractive to most of our younger men and women. Another related fact, offered by immigration specialists, is that Hispanics are continuing to have children while ‘white’ America’s birth rate is declining. Where will young workers come from if not from groups who continue to have several children?

The second reason is pure economics. Many Hispanic workers are paid less than minimum wage. To allow this, businesses pay them ‘under the table.’ No taxes are withheld, and there are no deductions for healthcare, social security, Medicare, or unemployment. Millions of tax dollars remain in the pockets of those who illegally employ them.

Finally; we are a nation of immigrants. I am certain that not a single person who reads this can trace their heritage to indigenous people in America. We must not consider separating families simply because the law was broken. We are a nation of caring people who must ‘do the right thing.’

Trump’s paternal grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf, was born in Kollstadt, Germany in 1869. After arriving in the United States at age 16, his surname was anglicized to ‘Trump.’

Trump’s war is primarily with refugees; this is inhumane, and proves that he lacks compassion for those who suffer most in the world.

America’s requirements for vetting refugees coming from war-torn areas which are primarily Muslim, is long and arduous. It is more difficult to pass the requirements than in any other nation in the world.

Trump claims that his attempt to ban all Muslims from seven nations is based on ‘preventing terrorism;’ this is a blatant lie. It is pure Islamophobia.

Not on his list is Turkey, primarily because he has business interests in the nation. Most prominent is the exclusion of Saudi Arabia, which has produced more Muslim extremists than any other nation, including Osama bin Laden. The cowardly attacks on innocent Americans on September 11, 2001 were conducted by 19 men; 15 of these terrorists were Saudi nationals. Trump is caught in another lie.

I was once a strong supporter of Senator John McCain. I was angry in 2000 when the unscrupulous tactics and lies of the George W. Bush campaign cheated him out of the Republican presidential nomination. Then, in 2008, I lost all respect for McCain when he chose a woman who was the most unqualified candidate in history for his running mate; that was until Trump declared his candidacy in 2015. Sarah Palin remains a sore which will not heal on the face of America.

However, when he’s right, I will continue to support him. The issue of banning individuals based on their religion is against everything America stands for. Some who are seeking residence in our nation were allies for our military in wars waged in the Middle East.

McCain was recently asked questions regarding his opposition to Trump’s ban.

Some people are saying you’re Trump’s No. 1 nemesis,” a reporter said. “Is that the role you’re trying to stake out?”

McCain shook his head. “It’s very convenient for the media to say that,” he grumbled. “If interpreters who worked for us in Iraq are not allowed into the United States, then I’m going to speak up. If that makes me a nemesis of the president of the United States, then you can label me as such.”

Here’s the ‘rub.’ Trump and other Republicans stated that Christians from those seven nations would be allowed into the United States. Then they reversed their statements falsely claiming that it was not a ban on Muslims. The media has not stressed this important difference, and the blatant lies used to justify their unconstitutional efforts.

Republicans are nearly always on the wrong side of the issues. They ignore the polls which identify the will of the people, and continue to support special interests.

Fortunately Trump, and many other Republican politicians are aging and will soon infest our nation with their antiquated beliefs no longer.

It can’t come soon enough.


By James Turnage

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Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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