Trump Must be Barred from Mar-a-Lago


Would you like to have the ability to fly to a luxury resort every weekend at taxpayer expense. If you could spend at least three-million dollars living the life of a king or an Arabic Sheikh, and your own finances would never be affected; would you?

That’s exactly what Trump is doing every weekend when he takes two days off from doing nothing and travels to Mar-a-Lago.

Why is congress allowing him to waste money; money which could be better spent on programs for taxpayers who employ their illegitimate president?

When Trump was a candidate, he constantly complained when President Obama took a day off to play golf, or when he vacationed; Trump does this every weekend.

The presidency is not a Monday thru Friday job. But we cannot expect a man who never worked a full day in his life to understand the fact that the president must be available to all of the American people 24 hours a day.

In addition to the unethical expense of taxpayer money, Trump’s playtime visits are resulting in a loss of revenue for businesses in the area.

A local airport is reporting $200,000 in lost fuel sales each time Trump travels to south Florida. A new restaurant had 75 no-shows in a single evening. Local government is forced to pay $60,000 a day in overtime fees for sheriffs who must guard the many closed roads for security reasons; since the election the cost has been $1.5 million. Every day Trump spends at Mar-a-Lago, at least 250 private aircraft are grounded.

Trump is used to spending other people’s money, but the American people must not accept this travesty.

America deserves a ‘working president.’ Trump is the laziest dirty old man to ever soil the White House sheets. Watching cable television and signing executive orders is not working. Holding a campaign rally at taxpayer expense to soothe a fragile ego is not working. Holding a press conference which offers absolutely no information, and is nothing more than a ‘bitch session,’ and an opportunity to lie to the American people, is not working.

Trump does not take the presidency seriously. What is he doing about the threat North Korea poses to the world? If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, what will replace it? What are his plans to reduce income inequality? What about the education crisis, which he has worsened by selecting a totally unqualified, and spoiled rich girl, to be the Secretary of Education? Why isn’t he meeting with our national security advisers, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Why doesn’t he consider the Presidents Daily Briefing important?

The word “work” is not in his vocabulary. His life of privilege and luxury must be a thing of the past as long as he is living in the White House.

Trump. I demand that you get to work for all of the American people, or get out.


By James Turnage


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