Note to Republicans: “There is no Cure for Stupid”

New Republican Logo

Everything Trump touches turns to ‘crap.’ There has not been a single positive action since his inauguration. He has signed lots of executive orders, which for Trump are no more than longer tweets, but he has signed only a single piece of legislation. That act deferred the requirement that a military officer must have been retired for a lengthy period of time prior to serving in government. This allowed retired General James Mattis to become Secretary of Defense.

So what has Trump accomplished? Absolutely nothing.

Although there were hundreds of appointments and nominations to choose after the election, Trump embarked on a ‘victory tour.’ This can only be called ‘stupid.’ Nothing like this has ever been done in history.

After his inauguration, Trump spent more time complaining about the reported size of the attendance on his big day, and falsely claiming that more than three million votes were cast for Hillary illegally. He did all of this while destroying the English language. America laughed at George W. Bush for his misuse of “nucular,” instead of nuclear, but someone must tell Trump that “bigly,” and “hugely” are not words at all.

Trump has completely destroyed any remnant of intelligence in the GOP. Trump’s actions are unethical, and unconstitutional, but Republicans are allowing Trump a free pass. They are proving that party is more important than country, and have completely ignored the majority of the American people.

For decades, Republican politicians have considered themselves more important than those they are intended to serve. They fail to believe that we notice their lack of effort for the American people. They are drastically wrong.

The 2016 election was called ‘historical,’ when it should have been ‘hysterical.’ However, as the saying goes; “they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” If protests continue, and Trump refuses to act presidential, the 2018 midterm could be termed ‘dramatic.’ If voters use their voice by turning out in record numbers, our voices will have been heard.

Never forget; the United States of America belongs to you, not the government.


By James Turnage


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