Trump is not Taking the Presidency Seriously


For Trump, it’s all a game. For him, winning is everything, substance means nothing. So instead of working for the American people, Trump is once again taking the weekend off, and costing taxpayers more than three million dollars while he lives a life of luxury in Florida. Trump lives like a king, while the poverty level in our nation grows.

Trump is also campaigning; that’s correct, campaigning. His ego has been damaged all week as protests grow, and the world has proof that his presidency is illegitimate. He said that he needed to be around his supporters. He’s doing so at the expense of the American people.

Tomorrow is ‘President’s Day;’ I don’t celebrate it. I grew up in the days when we celebrated the birth of two great presidents in February; Abraham Lincoln on the 12th, and George Washington on the 22nd. Not all presidents deserve to be ‘celebrated.’ Take the case of Trump, who has become the worst president in history in just a month.

Intelligent and informed Americans know the truth about Trump, and it’s about as ugly as it can get. Immediately after the election, I predicted what is happening today; Trump is worse than anyone could have imagined.

Trump is not a ‘working’ president. He is the ‘front man’ for his circle of sinners. It is his job to be the ‘attack dog’ for the Republican Party. He has no clue about the responsibilities of the president; he is playing a role in a ‘reality show.’ That ‘reality’ is dangerous for the future of America, as he attempts to institute a fascist government.

The fourth estate must fight back hard, and pull no punches. Trump’s entire life is fair game, and he must be exposed for what he is, and what he is not.

Those who continue to support the most immoral man in America are either in denial, or share his lack of principles. They also support white supremacy, Islamophobia, and bigotry. Anyone who fails to agree with Trump is his mortal enemy. When the press offers facts and the truth, he labels it ‘fake news.’ Trump’s complete lack of character cannot survive in the light of day.

Trump must lose this game, and lose it quickly. He has already damaged our nation, and has made the world less safe.

Only the late night comics will miss him when he’s gone.


By James Turnage


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