Why I am Extremely Fearful for my America: Its Demise is Imminent


Trump has been a failure at everything in his miserable life. However; with the aid of Vladimir Putin, Robert Mercer, and Steve Bannon, he is on pace to destroy my America. His circle of sinners have a singular ability; to misdirect the American people. Sensationalism has replaced real news; real facts in America. Labeling the legitimate media as fake news, while supporting FOX Noise and Alex Jones is ludicrous and traitorous. Trump’s puppeteers and handlers have begun a plan to destroy democracy and institute fascism in America.

Okay, I know some of you will claim that I am another ‘nutty’ conspiracy theorist. The facts are obvious unless you are a member of the mainstream media or congress.

The most important fact is that Trump has been an asset of Vladimir Putin for years. His campaign staff was in constant contact with the Russian president throughout his campaign. The most corrupt law enforcement agency in America, the FBI, colluded with Trump and assisted in his ambition to become the president. Republican politicians have capitulated to Trump, in an effort to secure their own ambitions and have relegated congress to an inferior and ineffective branch of our government.

The evidence is clear and indisputable. Accepting Trump as a legitimate President of the United States is tantamount to recognizing FOX Noise as a legitimate news agency. Both are dominated by falsehoods, misdirection, and innuendo.

Trump held what he called a press conference on Thursday. It was not. He called the legitimate press together to label all of them ‘fake news,’ and to lie to the American people. He claimed accomplishments which did not exist, and denied the chaos factually reported within the White House. Trump attempted to engage the support of the American people who disapprove of his actions and policies by a wide margin. While all past presidents have received the support of the American people during their “honeymoon period,” the American people have no faith in Trump’s abilities and fail to believe that he is trustworthy.

It’s not too early for impeachment. He has multiple ethics violations, and his ignorance regarding Constitutional rights is unforgivable.

Fire the Fool;” but do not wait until April 1st.


By James Turnage

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