Was Trump Instructed How to Conduct a Press Conference by Vladimir Putin?


There is no question that Trump and Putin have conspired for years to change the United States’ system of government. The two vile men have many similarities. They are both autocrats who trust no one but themselves. They are extremely egocentric. Both men’s style of governing is dictatorial, and secretive. Both also share a hatred for the press while offering their citizens “alternative facts.”

Yesterday’s “press conference,” which became a “bitch session” and an effort to soothe Trump’s fragile ego, was very similar to the ones held by Putin. Although Trump fails to understand that he is far less important than he believes; that the American people have the right to depose him at any time; he acted like a complete ass as he ordered reporters to “shut up,” “sit down,” and “be quiet.” Not only did he demonstrate his immaturity, he revealed the fact that he is afraid to answer real questions.

Trump is nothing more than a failed reality show personality. Like Putin, he conducted his “press conference” as a form of entertainment; refusing to offer any information to the press or the public. The event concluded after 77 long minutes, and accomplished one thing; more comedy for the late night television shows writers; and of course Saturday Night Live.

Another piece of information which affects American taxpayers.

Although Trump is not working in the White House Monday through Friday, he’s watching television, he needs his weekends off. After all, he is an overweight, 70-year-old dirty old man, whose fast food diet proves that he is unhealthy. For the third successive weekend, Trump is vacationing at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. This is unheard of in Washington. Even George W. Bush, who vacationed more than any other president in history, accomplished something; even if it was wrong.

Trump’s life of privilege and luxury is not presidential, and the three trips will cost taxpayers in excess of 10 million dollars.

Why should Trump care? He is America’s first Premier. Taxpayer money is for him to use as he sees fit, such as wasting it on a wall which will fail. Trump frequently criticized a real President in Barrack Obama for vacationing and golfing; something Trump has been guilty of in all of his first four weeks in office.

So, if Trump is partying his way through his presidency, who’s running the country? It is likely Putin who has given his orders to Steve Bannon.

The media must fight back; no more ‘free passes’ for our useless and illegitimate president. Republicans are guilty for allowing him to spend taxpayer money at his own discretion. They have the power, but are either afraid to use it, or, more likely, just don’t care. He’s a Republican; he can throw away money in any manner he chooses. But they will not support any social program which aids America’s working class, low-income workers, or those living in poverty. If you are not at the very least a millionaire, this country is not for you.

Fire the Fool;” and I hope it’s before April Fool’s Day.


By James Turnage

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Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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