Trump’s Islamophobia Infects all of America


I remain confused. Of course I heard all the claims of Trump supporters that they were ‘fed-up’ with the status quo in Washington; so was I. For eight years the McConnell-led Republican congress did absolutely nothing, while they continued to accept their paychecks from the American people. 93,090,000 dollars were wasted for eight years. That’s 744,720,000 for attending lavish functions, and partying with their cronies. My confusion is based on the fact that Trump opposed every principle which was the United States of America. He is a white supremacist, homophobic, a sexist, and Islamophobic. No man or woman who denies the rights of all Americans can be allowed to infest the White House.

Sadly, his “beliefs” have allowed those who have been hiding in the shadows of America to come forward and express their hatred.

When racism and prejudice come to America, they will be wearing a cross and waving the flag.” The former was a bumper sticker I saw one day, and it is all too true. Bigotry is always hidden behind falsehoods, and frequently behind extremes of religion and patriotism.

Roy White is a nobody. He is a former U.S. Air Force veteran, and the president of ‘ACT for America’ in San Antonio, an organization that brands itself as “the nation’s largest grass-roots national security advocacy organization.” They believe that anyone who practices Islam is intent on making our nation a Muslim nation, existing under sharia law. Thank you “Donnie.”

In late January, White walked into the Texas State Capitol, ranting about a group of Muslims planning to march on the Capitol the following day, CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is an organization whose purpose is to improve relations between Muslims and the American people who fail to understand their faith. But White sees them as the enemy.

They’re jihadists wearing suits,” White said of CAIR and other Muslim organizations. “That’s a tough thing for us to wrap our heads around because we don’t feel threatened.”

This is more of the ‘Trump effect.’

Thanks to the most immoral man ever to darken the steps of the White House, radical hate groups have taken a place in our nation. Hate crimes against Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, women, and the LGBTQ community have increased greatly since Trump’s election. Years of efforts by groups whose only intention was understanding and equal rights have been virtually erased.

Protests are occurring daily in American cities, and cities around the world. They are all directed at one immoral man; Donald J Trump.

Become an activist. Protest, but also begin now to encourage a huge voter turnout in 2018. All 435 members of the House will run for reelection; vote Republicans out of office. They serve Trump; not you. One-third of the Senate will seek reelection; vote Republicans out. Remove McConnell from his position as Senate Majority Leader; he is America’s greatest traitor.

It’s your country, not theirs. Please re-post; thank you.


By James Turnage


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