Trump Declares First Amendment the Enemy of America


Every move your illegitimate president makes opposes American values and principles. His number of Constitutional violations in only four weeks is impeachable. As expected, Trump and his circle of sinners deny the facts.

Trump has revealed a single talent; he misdirects the truth with impunity. On Thursday afternoon, Trump called an impromptu press conference; it wasn’t. Most of the one-hour and seventeen-minute farce was spent attacking media from all over the world. If Trump didn’t say it; it’s ‘fake news.’ Trump was not concerned that virtually every “fact” he stated was proven a blatant falsehood.

Trump’s attacks against the media would be laughable if our founding fathers had not believed that the first amendment is the most important part of the Constitution. Today our government is entirely under the control of one hypocritical and corrupt party. The ‘fourth estate’ is the only hope the American people have of exposing the anti-American efforts of GOP politicians. This party of special interests is systematically destroying all progress made to protect the rights and freedom of the American people in the last 60+ years.

The media must cease their policy of giving Trump a free pass. They must join forces and counterattack this immoral, ignorant, and arrogant despot. When he ordered the press to “shut-up,” “sit down,” and “be quiet” yesterday, I stopped breathing. Trump is no more than a servant; a servant of the American people, and we have a right to have our questions answered. We cannot expect any truth out of Washington. The cowards in congress have approved all of Trump’s despicable and deplorable nominees; all of whom are destructive to the lives of the majority.

I cannot be there, so I am asking you to do something with great reluctance.

The media failed the American people during the election process by setting a far higher standard for Hillary than for Trump. They assisted in his illegitimate victory. However, we must support them today; Trump must have another loss on his resume.

Contrary to Trump’s claim, there are some reliable sources in the press; television remains questionable. The New York Times heads the fourth estate as a mostly trustworthy publication. What is not reliable is Trump’s favorite, which he apparently watches much of the day; FOX Noise. Fact-checking a single FOX story takes up most of one person’s day.

The first step the American people must take is to believe the reports confirmed by reliable sources; this includes the foreign press. Although faux-television “journalists” are not reporting stories confirmed long ago in Europe and the United Kingdom, they are factual. Trump has been as asset of Russian President Vladimir Putin for over five years. The “Golden Showers Dossier” is fact. Trump’s campaign staff was working together with Russia since 2015, receiving assistance in Trump’s efforts to win the election. These are undeniable, but not reported by television “news” and many of the print publications.

Trust me; the truth is my only concern. I am not a millionaire such as Charlie Rose, Scott Pelley, Chuck Todd, Diane Sawyer, or others who fail to expose the entire truth. I do this for my fellow Americans.

Take your country back. Our enemies in Washington total only 544. We are 320 million strong. The nation is ‘us,’ and Washington must serve us, not their masters.


By James Turnage


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