New E-Mail ‘Scandal:’ But it’s not About Hillary


One of the reasons Trump was gifted the Electoral College, by a very small margin, was the incessant discussion about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server. Although no violation of American secrecy was ever established, television media, Republicans, WikiLeaks, and James Comey made it an issue of trust. So, instead of electing the most qualified candidate in American history, who had donated 30 years of her life to the American people, ill-informed and angry voters cast their ballots for the most unqualified candidate in history, and the most immoral man in our nation.

Tuesday, Trump’s poor choice, and now confirmed head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, will face scrutiny over his communications between the oil, gas, and coal industry.

Pruitt was ordered to turn over these documents in January of 2015. As of this date, only 400 of an estimated 3,000 e-mails and other correspondence have been delivered.

Senate confirmation of Pruitt is a great travesty for the nation and the world. He continues to be a principal in at least three lawsuits against the very agency he now leads. As attorney general of Oklahoma, owned and operated by the oil and gas industry, Pruitt railed against the EPA; frequently suggesting that it be disbanded.

The petroleum industry is the largest polluter of air, agricultural land, and potable water in the world. As of late October, 2016, our nation experienced 220 incidents which leaked or spilled petroleum products. Since 2006, the number totals more than 3,032.

Fracking wells have been accepted by every state in the union, although it is the most dangerous mining process in history. They force more than four million gallons of water, mixed with 600 chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic, and sand, thousands of feet under the earth’s surface, to break the shale and release crude and natural gas. Not all of the waste is recovered and underground streams and rivers are polluted indefinitely. The soil is rendered unusable for livestock or agriculture.

Oklahoma, under Pruitt’s unrestricted fracking agreement, is experiencing another byproduct. The state of Oklahoma rarely suffered from seismic activity. With thousands of fracking wells becoming eyesores in the state, it is now experiencing thousands of earthquakes annually; some over a number five magnitude.

What can we expect from Pruitt? The petroleum and coal mining industries will no longer be regulated and allowed pollute to our natural resources. Large corporations will once again be allowed to dump their life-threatening waste into our rivers and streams. All efforts to reduce carbon emissions will be reversed. Our nation and the world will suffer the devastating consequences as discussion regarding climate change will be non-existent.

The Republican Party is not your friend. The last true Republican president was George H.W. Bush, who believed in the standards Richard Nixon signed to protect and defend the environment. Today’s politicians are Republican in name only. They are unprincipled and greedy. They do not represent me, and they do not represent you; they represent special interests and no one else.

Vote the bums out in 2018.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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