Kellyanne Conway is so Over


Kellyanne Conway is proof that you cannot lie forever and receive a free pass. Ms. Conway was hired during the last few months of Trump’s failing campaign as his third campaign manager; but that was not her true purpose. She became Trump’s personal spin doctor, and her only job was to offer “alternative facts” when Trump told another whopper.

This has remained her primary role in Trump’s circle of sinners. However, Conway has worn out her usefulness. When every time you appear in the media, you tell lies which are easily exposed, eventually no one believes anything you say. She has been such an unreliable source of information within Trump’s circle of sinners that “Morning Joe” refuses to have her as a guest.

Admittedly she has one problem which is uncontrollable. The only person who lies more than Conway is Trump himself. When Conway has appeared in the media, and made controversial statements, Trump appears shortly after and totally contradicts Conway’s statements. This is additional proof that no one in Trump’s circle of sinners has any concept of what they are doing.

Before Conway accepted a position which was way over her pay grade, she was adequate as a pollster; she should have remained a pollster. She has failed miserably; you can only lie so often. When Saturday Night Live lambasted her for her quest for constant attention in the media, she should have realized that her career was over. She is not only a disgraced member of Trump’s circle of sinners, she has sealed her fate in politics forever; no one will employ someone who is known as the greatest “Pinocchio” of all time.

Conway’s final faux pas was her unethical advertisement for Ivanka’s clothing line when appearing on FOX Noise. Most of her life has been spent in the political arena. How could she not have known that a public official is forbidden to endorse a private product?

I once believed that Conway had an average intellect; I was misled.

Conway has had more than her 15 minutes of fame; she is so over. No one trusts her any longer; and no one should.


by James Turnage


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