Easily Rebuked Lies Are the Primary Reason the Trump Administration is Failing


I personally believe that the most important attribute a man or a woman can possess is ‘respect.’ Respect includes other qualities such as understanding, tolerance, compassion, and veracity. This has always been my goal when choosing friends or romantic interests. I am with my bride of nearly 22 years today because I respect her more than any other person in the world.

Donald Trump has no interest in being respected. His ego needs constant adulation. His psyche forces him to believe that he is always right about every issue. His insecurity requires that he constantly brag about himself; although these statements are based on imagination, not fact. Paranoid much?

Trumps greatest problem is his inability to tell the truth. During his campaign, only Kellyanne Conway was required to offer “alternative facts” when Trump told a ‘whopper.’

Now that he is violating the White House, he has three individuals to do the job, but it is far more difficult today. Trump’s every word; every action is under a microscope. Conway, and now Sean Spicer, and Stephen Miller are cringing as they watch their noses grow ever longer.

If there is one thing which has doomed Trump and his circle of sinners, it is the fact that they constantly lie to the press and the American people. These lies are easily debunked; the facts are there. They have lost all credibility. Labeling legitimate news agencies as ‘fake news’ does not make it true. Trump calling his own security agencies ‘liars’ is destructive, not productive.

Trump will attempt to use the head of his ‘secret police,’ James Comey, to ‘investigate the CIA, the NSA, and the DIA; he doesn’t like what they report. He wants them to offer “alternative facts.”

Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any president experiencing his ‘honeymoon period’ in history. At only 41 percent, the American people are saying that he is both unqualified and untrustworthy.

Trump can no longer hide behind a group of uninformed and uncaring supporters. His methods of inciting fear, anger, hatred, despair, and violence are not accepted by the majority.

Protesters by the thousands continue to fill America’s streets, and are joined by others around the world.

Our nation was once respected for its support of the Constitution; possibly the greatest document ever conceived. With an illegitimate president and his circle of sinners who fail to support the Constitution, our government is now the most despised in the world.

Real Americans have Trump, his circle of sinners, and his supporters to thank for our embarrassing situation.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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