Who’s Running the Asylum: It’s not Trump


Trump’s lips were moving at an impromptu press conference today; so we know he was lying. One of the most ridiculous statements he lied about was the situation within the White House. All information coming from the Oval Office is that it is chaos. Naturally Trump denied the facts; (Trump hates facts more than any political figure in history).

Within only four weeks we know that Trump is not a ‘working president;’ he delegates. His decisions are not made by Donald Trump, so who is setting policy? We know it’s not Kellyanne Conway; she’s as good a liar as Trump, but, like her boss, she’s not intelligent enough. It’s not chief of staff Reince Priebus. He was a complete failure as the Chairman of the RNC. Although I am positive that Putin is the ultimate decision maker, I’m certain that the day to day operation is firmly in the grasp of Steve Bannon.

So, let’s be clear. Republicans in congress are hypocrites and have surrendered all of their power to Trump and his circle of sinners. Therefore, our nation is in control of a white supremacist, who has also professed hatred for Muslims, homosexuals, women’s rights, and Jews. Bluntly, we have a man who hates America in charge.

There have been reports that Priebus and Bannon do not get along. It appears that this is true, although Trump and others deny it. One of Trump’s closest friends was critical of the inefficiency of Priebus.

Here’s the bottom line; Trump makes poor choices. Look at the backgrounds of Sessions, Tillerson, DeVos, Mnuchin, Pruit, Flynn, Puzder, Price and others. They are the worst possible choices for their positions, but Trump praises them.

Whoever is making the final decisions will certainly make the wrong decision most of the time. With no experience, and support of policies which are in direct opposition to the Constitution, our nation is moving in the wrong direction.

Your country; take it back from the interlopers.


by James Turnage


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