Trump Supporters Defend Him with Threats of Violence and Mayhem


If you are a Trump supporter, you must ask yourself where your sense of morality has gone, and when did you lose your principles which made you an American?

Okay; I get it. Trump misled you. You hated Hillary because he told you that she was acting in a careless manner by using personal e-mails, and was a danger to national security. Maybe you harbor a disparaging opinion of African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, and the LGBT community. Although I do not understand any of these justifications for supporting Trump, one, above all else confounds me. Why do you believe that hatred, and the violence which results, is acceptable because someone has a difference of opinion?

The division within our nation is extreme. Although some former Trump supporters now see him for what he is and what he is not, others remain loyal. They are forgiving him for his many ethics violations, and his violations of the Constitution. They are ignoring his egregious security violation last Saturday evening when national security interests were debated in the middle of a public dining room. Trump’s lies remain acceptable.

There was a minor incident at Orange Coast College. I will omit the names, for reasons you will later understand.

A professor lecturing a class on ‘human sexuality.’ She labeled Trump a white supremacist, and stated that his election was an ‘act of terrorism.’ She added that we were back in a ‘civil war.’ She didn’t mean a real war, but rather a divided country in which “we are the majority. More of us voted to not have that kind of leadership.”

A freshman in the class disagreed. He is a Trump supporter, and claimed that the professor knew this to be fact. He said that he was afraid this would affect his grade, so he took out his phone and filmed the lecture. The 19-year-old student showed the film to a campus Republican group. When authorities failed to act quickly enough, they posted the film online.

The 66-year-old professor stated that she was attempting to ease the fears of minorities and immigrants experienced since Trump’s election. She has now received death threats from other Trump supporters.

The student who filmed her has been suspended.

After weeks of threatening messages in her inbox and voice mail about the video — “Marxist,” “nutcase,” “vile leftist filth” — she became frightened herself.

Now, at 66, I’m paranoid,” she said in December. “I feel like I’ve been attacked by a mob of people all across the country.”

This is more of the Trump effect. Millions of Americans are living in fear. Because Trump has no idea about what he is doing; uncertainty has replaced all confidence in our government. Despair has replaced hope.

Time for him and his fascist circle of sinners to leave Washington. Just say ‘no’ to Republicans.


By James Turnage


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