Rex Tillerson Naturally Contacts Russia First


Rex Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon-Mobile. He is now Trump’s extremely controversial Secretary of State. The primary objection to Tillerson is his close connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now it seems that this reason was farcical; everyone in Trump’s circle of sinners has a close connection with Russia.

Only uninformed Americans are surprised that Trump and Putin share a bromance. His choice of Tillerson was another effort to secure even closer ties with Putin.

So, guess what Tillerson’s first action in his position gifted by Republican legislators might be; you guessed it; he is meeting with a Russian diplomat. He is in Bonn, Germany, to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

During his confirmation hearings, Tillerson laid a smoke screen. He claimed that Russia’s ‘behavior’ must be addressed. The truth is that Tillerson and Putin have joint investments in Russia’s massive oil reserves. This is Trump’s plan for America; increase his personal wealth and those of his circle of sinners.

Putin is now the wealthiest man in the world. He controls much of the world, and now has several assets in the White House. CIA reports claim that he is currently attempting to intervene in elections within the European Union.

Trump has good reason to despise whistleblowers and the press. His corrupt administration can be easily exposed. Although television media and Republicans are ignoring all the information available, Trump has made many mistakes; some of which require impeachment hearings.

If I had voted for Trump, I would be ashamed. I would have sold my country to another nation.

But I didn’t, and I will never cease my condemnation of Trump, even after he is forced out of office.


By James Turnage


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