Republicans Have Declared War on the American People


The question tens of millions of Americans demand answered, is “what is the extent of Vladimir Putin and Trump’s relationship.” What we know is that Trump “doth protest too much.” He continues to deny any connection. He claims that the entire discussion is a conspiracy created by those who remain “disappointed at Hillary’s huge loss and poor campaign.” Really?

Republican leadership has promised to investigate the issue. But they will not. They have created committees, but refuse to appoint an independent investigator, which is the only way the truth will be discovered. They despise the American people.

I don’t know if you chose to listen to Trump’s impromptu news conference today. If you didn’t, you saved about 40 minutes of your life. The only thing Trump did was to praise himself for situations in our nation. These situations were positive, and were also planned long before Trump became your illegitimate president.

Trump spent the entire time insuring that his ego was stroked. One of his greatest lies involves his approval and disapproval ratings. We saw his lips moving, so we knew that he was lying. He claimed that his approval rating was 55 percent. The latest Gallup poll shows Trump with a positive rating of just 41 percent. His disapproval rating is 53 percent. This is additional proof that Trump is the least popular president at this period of time in history.

How did other presidents fare after four weeks in office? Here are the last four.

Barrack Obama 64%

George W. Bush 59 %

Bill Clinton 55 %

George H.W. Bush 63%

I got nothing from the “news conference.” He continued to call the real press “fake news,” while praising those who support his fascist plans, including FOX Noise, and individuals such as Alex Jones. He continued to claim that ‘the people love him.’ I guess FOX does not show the increasing number of protests occurring all over the world.

Hey Trump; I’m not sorry to tell you that you have become the most hated man in the world in just four weeks.

I did chuckle a little when he claimed that his meetings with other world leaders were great success. Possibly the most hilarious was Japan’s Prime Minister Abe. In the ‘photo op’ in the Oval Office the expression on Abe’s face can only be described as “get me the f**k out of here.”

As for the others, they most likely laughed at Trump and his pitiful use of the English language.

This was not a news conference. Trump simply sought an opportunity to brag about his imagined accomplishments. The truth is that he has done nothing with the exception of destroy much of the good accomplished by a real President.

One last thing. Trump complained about the ‘mess’ he inherited. Barrack Obama inherited a disaster. If Trump would have faced the difficulties an extremely intelligent president faced, he would have thrown up his hands and said: “F**k it; I quit.


By James Turnage

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Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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