Trump Sends Thank-You Card to Putin After Winning Election


Denial is the standard policy of the Trump White House. However, with every passing day, Trump’s close relationship with Vladimir Putin is confirmed. Foreign news services reported long ago that the two men began a relationship more than five years ago. Their joint goal of placing a Russian asset in the White House was achieved on November 8th. Putin, the media, and James Comey aided Trump, and we now have an illegitimate president soiling the White House sheets.

Putin and Trump made a serious mistake when they decided to make Mike Flynn the national security adviser. To state the obvious, Flynn is a fool. His belief in Alex Jones and his multiple conspiracy theories confirms his lack of knowledge and a sense of reality.

However, the greatest damage is yet to come. His ties with Russia have been confirmed, and the subsequent investigations will confirm that Trump’s campaign was in contact with Russian spies during the election process.

Immediately after Trump was declared the winner on the evening of November 8th, shock and disbelief became the emotions of most Americans. How could the most unqualified and immoral man in the United States become the leader of the free world? Weeks after the election, we learned that Hillary had crushed Trump by nearly three million ballots in the popular vote. This fact, combined with the interference of Putin, Comey, and the constant support of the mainstream media, forced intelligent Americans to declare that Trump would never be their president. As Trump, himself predicted, ‘the election was rigged.’

Although Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer continue to deny the facts, intelligence agents and law enforcement officers have confirmed that members of Trump’s campaign were communicating with Russian spies before the November 8th election. What does this mean? The simple answer is that Trump is not the legitimate president of the United States. The man signing executive orders in the Oval Office is an impostor.

The real leader of the free world is Vladimir Putin. He is currently interfering with elections in Europe. Putin’s goal is the ‘New World Order.’ Now that America has become a Russian asset, his ultimate ambition is very near.

During his campaign, Trump praised Putin, but denied that he knew the Russian president. Your illegitimate president is a habitual liar. The “Golden Showers Dossier” has been confirmed, and lies have been exposed.

So, where do we go from here? Our nation is without a president. We can no longer accept Trump as our nation’s leader. One more question: “Will President Putin move into the White House, or will he rule the United States from the Kremlin?”

We know that Sean Spicer will attempt to spin the truth, but he is not as talented as Kellyanne Conway.


By James Turnage


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