The Truth About Trump, Putin, Comey, and Bannon. An Actual Conspiracy is Underway


Because of Trump, the Republican Party, Vladimir Putin, James Comey, and Steve Bannon, our nation is in turmoil. The entire Republican Party is responsible for the disaster that Trump and his circle of sinners has begun to insure the end democracy in America, and the advent of a new government which will be controlled by fascism. If you deny the facts I am about to tell you the truth; you have already surrendered to Putin and Trump’s plan for America. You have no interest in protecting what few remnants which remain of our democracy. You have decided to accept a dictator; a bully, who will destroy the America of our founding fathers.

Let’s begin with an examination of Donald J. Trump; his history, and what made him the despicable human being he is today.

Trump was born on June 14, 1946, just 21 days before my own birth. I was born into virtual poverty, while Trump was born into a life of privilege. His father was a real estate magnate, whose wealth was always controversial.

Trump’s father, Fred Trump, had been under investigation by the FBI for suspicious business practices, including possible bribing of public officials, and racial discrimination in housing practices. No actions were taken, and the senior Trump avoided federal prosecution. This is where Donald learned his trade.

After a million dollar loan from his father, Trump began creating his business empire. He donated money to officials who had the ability to assist his ambitions, and refused to pay contractors who helped him build edifices intended to stroke his ego.

Trump’s first wife testified in court that Donald physically abused her and on at least one occasion raped her. An out of court settlement after the divorce proceedings resulted in Ivana Trump redacting her testimony. The result of the settlement was never revealed. Trump’s business practices remained controversial, and lawsuits became a regularity. Those who agreed to speak to the press described Trump as unscrupulous, mean spirited, and arrogant.

In addition to bribing public officials, Trump violated immigration laws. His ‘modeling agency’ procured women from various nations around the world. They arrived in the United States with ‘tourist visas.’ Trump housed them in unclean and overcrowded conditions. He found them employment, and charged them nearly half of their earnings. The fact that they never obtained ‘work visas’ made them illegals.

Trump has been exposed as a sexual deviate, and has been accused by more than a dozen women of sexual assault. If he was black, such as Bill Cosby, he would now be under multiple indictments.

Vladimir Putin was a strong man for the Soviet Union’s KGB. He rose to greater prominence under the rule of Premier Boris Yeltsin. After the break-up of the Soviet Union he began to amass enormous power. Although he is now Russia’s elected president, it is highly unlikely that Putin will ever surrender his political dominance. Putin is now the wealthiest man in the world, and has developed an ability to wage cyber-warfare greater than any other leader in the developed world. Putin’s ambition is to create a New World Order; he would be anointed as its leader.

Putin’s interference in our election has been confirmed. His association with Trump and his circle of sinners is now a fact. Trump has been a Russian asset for over five years; a fact proven by the foreign press.

Trump’s addition of Flynn, Tillerson, and others confirms his close ties with Putin. Although I am not a conspiracy theorist, this situation is undeniable.

Eleven days prior to the November election, confirmation that FBI Director James Comey was also a Russian asset became undeniable. His announcement of renewed investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server was critical in her defeat. Post election meetings with Trump, and insider information allowing Trump early warnings regarding his possible legal involvement, confirmed the fact that he is a traitor to the American people.

Steve Bannon is in complete control of the White House. Like some of you, I have listened to the media; both mainstream and cable. They are attempting to divert the truth. The fact is that Trump lacks even basic intelligence. His paranoia and weak mind disallow him to make rational decisions. Bannon is even more influential than Karl Rove during the George W. Bush administration. It is Bannon who is following the orders of Putin and billionaire Robert Mercer.

Trump is not only your illegitimate president; he is your surrogate president. He is incapable of making intelligent decisions. Trump’s entire concern is satisfying his ego.

America has a mentally challenged illegitimate president. Will you defy him and take back your country? Your future is finally in your hands.


By James Turnage


Photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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